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BC Coilover Group Buy?

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I just became a direct dealer to BC!  I wanted to see if people were down for a group buy.  Prices would obviously fall for how many orders I can place.  



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As of right now, prices are set at retail.  I put this out as a feeler to kinda see what the Datsun Community wants.  And i'm going to try my best to tailor to what you guys need.


What is the cheapest place you've found the coilovers for?  I'll see how many units i have to sell to beat that price.

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Jpn garage lists at $1195 shipped with 3 or 4 bolt camber plates, optional swift springs, longer studs for strut bars, and a selection of spring rates, with regular and extreme low kits.

By the way, I was very pleased with my speedhut purchase from you..... And will gladly do business with you again. Jim

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So the item we're looking at is P/N D-49-BR




For the Datsun Application, it does have front and rear camber adjustment.  

I thought the # for the Z was 94, not 49?  I'd be interested in a 4bolt extended stud option.


I'd be interested if the DR's ever came to fruition. Last I inquired about them they were "in development"

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Sorry for the confusion. When I went to the BC site it was listed for the 240 under that number at 1500.00 for the DR's


DR Series Coilover Datsun 240Z (1969-1974)

Chassis Code: S30

Please allow 2-3 weeks for Delivery

In Stock Items Ship Same Day!

Select Springs:

Front Camber Plate:

Rear Camber Plate:

Price: $1,500.00


Pick Up At BC Racing North America

Pickup Location Info

- +


Front Spring: 4kg

Rear Spring: 5kg

Camber: Front Standard/Rear Standard


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Okay, so I looked into it as well, and they are special order, so they don't show up on my P/N search for the vendors, because it's not a coilover they offer.  It's more of a custom coilover setup.


So if I can get a head count on what the D-94-DR-BC or people who want the regular D-49-BR then we can start the pricing

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