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Porsche atlas grey vs meteor grey

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It's time to paint the Z and I need some help from you guys regarding a color scheme I found on this Z.




The article says it was painted Porsche atlas grey, but my eyes say it looks more like meteor grey. This post shows a comparison of the two colors.




Does anybody happen to know the Z in question? Thanks for the help.

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they will both look sharp. the lighter color will be easier to keep clean. i say this cause i have had a black Z for a handful of years now and im ready for a lighter color. my truck is silver and looks great all the time

Definitely. I picked the metallic meteor gray with a metallic chrome silver for the stripes.  I was able to see both in person and really like the combo.  I hear ya with the dark paint...can never keep clean.


That's Mark Rolston's 240z. 

I saw that in the article.  I was hoping him or somebody who knows him was on the forums and could chime in to confirm my suspicions.  

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