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Unusually loud injector tick

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So I'm running into a lone injector that is unusually loud. I've isolated it and I can put my finger on it and feel that injector almost kicking compared to the other injectors which I feel just kind of pulsing away. 


Is that a sign of anything?


Panicking part of me is thinking I should order new injectors. The reasonable part is thinking the AFR's are generally good so it isn't sticking open or anything. The logical part of me says to send off the injectors to be tested.


Any thoughts? I'm almost contemplating grabbing a spare intake manifold and bolting the fuel rail to see the injector spray, but I fear that would make a massive mess everywhere.


Some factors to consider


Testing injectors would cost ~$40 for all 6

Test and clean would cost ~$120 for all 6

Reman'd injectors would cost ~ $175 for a set of 6


Then there is the upgrade path to consider.


Thoughts very much appreciated.


Car has a 2jzge NA-T running running a harness that was on a 7mgte, so it has a resistor box and 7mgte injector clips

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There's just a magnet and a spring.  I don't think the pintle has any damping material, it's metal on metal.  The magnet power comes from current and the spring is what it is.  It could only generate more kick from more current.  Maybe a short in the resistor for that injector only?  Possible, if the resistor box has individual resistors.  Measure resistance and see.


Edit - actually, a broken spring could allow more kick.  Seems like it would leak if that was the case.




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Hmm, that one is far more audible and you can feel it kicking. If the spring isn't helping it close that would be a problem.


Injector resistors I believe are paired and it is that lone injector making all the noise. Probably better not to risk it.


I probably will upgrade at some point. Just not sure if I was ready to now. 


Edit: I ordered another set of used injectors. Going to send them off to a shop locally to be tested if the price is right and get a set of 6 out of them. More reading to do on the upgrade path.


Thanks for the brainstorm.

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