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83 L28ET Engine was rebuilt with aftermarket upgrades. *edited*

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Specs of Lonewolf (LW) intake manifold (IM) purchased & runners inter-diameter of an OEM IM (83’ 280zxt).


LW IM purchased via JR (spork) (http://www.lonewolfperformance.com/Nissan.htm)



Notes: the TB opening is 65 mm (above left); the 240sx TB (to be attached to the LW IM) is 60 mm; the OEM TB opening is 52 mm; and the vacuum ports as noted (above right) are located on the lower side of the plenum, which will make the engine bay have a less cluttered appearance.


Personal Communication from James (LWP): “As for the specs on the manifold, I don’t have a “spec sheet†of sorts, … They change based on the customers needs. I know you don’t have the intake in front of you to do your own measurements, but they can be easily measured with a tape measure. The measurements of the inside of the plenum is 20†long and approx 3.75†diameter. To figure volume it gets tricky as there is also the velocity stack plate that protrudes into the plenum area slightly. Without figuring in the velocity stack plate your intake has approx 222.16 CI or 3.64 Liters. The runner length …you’ll have to do yourself, or have the shop that is installing the manifold do for you. (The Shop: runners length - 8.25“). Inside diameter was approx 35mm. (The Shop: 34.5 mm left to right as noted above). TB angle was using approx a 45 degree bend but it is angled in the direction it was welded to the manifold as well to make it easier for running intercooler piping.â€


Post #19 (spork) via James Roraback & Lonewolf Performance



“The question(s)…what kind of work have you done to the head? Do you have any flow numbers? As a lot of people don't understand…is that the intake is just part of the picture. I'd be curious as to how the head is really set up and that can really help determine what you actually need. One of the benefits of our intake is the options in runner size, length, and just about anything else you can think of. For the high powered turbo cars, we step up the runner size to allow the head to be opened up (as well as the gasket) to allow the head to flow a lot better. With a stock sized runner, you'll only get "X" cfm out of the head. When looking for quite a bit more power than stock, you're going to need a head that flows better and your setup will work much more effeciently. As mentioned before, its the difference of making 400hp @30psi vs. 600hp @30psi. If possible, I suggest finding someone that can either do the head work and the intake at the same time, or atleast is interested in knowing about your head to help suit the intake best for your application. … I just want to make sure you get an intake that will work well for your setup. Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail.â€


Original IM specs: Inner diameter of the runners of the OEM IM, which was on my Zcar.

The Shop: OEM IM – Runner’s length of head-to-plenum is 7 inches.

Inner diameter of runners given below that attaches to a p90a head (my ‘83 280zxt).




Other updates:

OEM seats were recovered with black leather with a non-OEM pattern.




They fit here:




Next: OEM wheels were power-coated black and grooves sprayed gold.




Thanks for stopping by.


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The journey has come to an end.


During Labor Day vacation, I drove to Paragould (AR) to see the on-going upgrades to my 1983 280zxt. The following pictures were taken. Much progress has been made and Stage 1 is almost complete as noted in the last photo. I sat in the new leather seats for the first time; all electrical components worked; shifted through the gears; checked out the new speakers (larger than OEM) in the back; the black dashboard and the interior looked great; and the LoneWolf IM looked great under the hood. The pictures tell it all.




All chrome pieces, rear mirrors, valve cover, OEM wheels (grooves sprayed gold), rear window louvers and front-rear bumpers were carbon-coated black.






As noted in the left picture, a piece was cut out of the radiator frame to allow for the turbo IC tubes (same sided IC) and the air cooler to run to their corresponding parts. Lonewolf is ready for its component parts; OEM heat screen will be used; fuel injector leads and the electric modifications need to be hooked up; and the IM looks great with the new carbon-coated valve cover.










I am really pleased with the work that Rick (The Shop) has done to finish out Stage 1.


October 2, 2011: Now the bad news; James (Jim’s Auto Machine Shop in Paragould) called me tonight; there was a fire at Rick’s home while he was away this morning and his home was completely destroyed; the whole second floor felled down onto Rick’s Shop where my Zcar was located. Fortunately, no-one was hurt.


I want to thank all in HZ who helped me make the critical decisions; especially, John and Paul. Thanks to Chris for almost all the interior parts. Thanks to Rick and James for their skills and so many contributions too numerous to relate involving this journey. I know that I am not the only one who has lost a Zcar; however, she had been with me since 1984. Her journey was my journey.



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Wow, sad way to end it. Sorry to hear about the house and the Z.


Back when I was a kid, I would build cars out of Lego all the time. I'd spend hours getting them right. Sometimes I'd screw up and break the lego-car just before or after I finished it, and get really upset and frustrated. But my mom always told me "the next one you make will be better than the last." I vehemently disagreed and thought to myself that it was as good as it was going to get, but of course she was right!


Hopefully you get another Z to play with, and best of luck to you and Rick. The next will be better than the last!

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I just found this thread and really getting into the build. Then when I got to the end I was crushed. I was going to use your build as sort of as a guide for my new 280zx. Any chance you remember what else you had planned for the Datsun. I'm really curious what you had in mind.

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