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  1. Is this the Nissan Borg-Warner T5 or the Nissan close ratio? a picture would reveal
  2. How does the weatherstripping look? I could really use T tops and door seals
  3. Photos Coming Soon
  4. Sorry for the hiatus. Let's try to catch you, ladies and gentlemen, up. Since we last spoke: 3 lights on dash and car died on the road new Stock Alternator and New Battery Replaced the Head Gasket 'shop saw minor leaks' Innovate LC1 and Autotimer Finally can tune this thing! New Stock Power Steering Rack Suspension overhaul New ball joints MSA Polyurethane bushings kit (w/o Control Arm Bushing) Tokico HPK255 Set ST Suspensions Swaybars 52105 Techno Toy Tuning Outer
  5. This is interesting. Lets get more pics of the engine
  6. K i adjusted the fuel levels and we are grand now. Everything is running smooth and strong. I went down to smog. We are high on HC and CO on idle. Also at 2500rpm we are high on CO only.
  7. K well I went ahead and rewired the pump using this method. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/86361-wiring-a-walbro-fuel-pump/ It feels a ton smoother and more responsive. Unfortunately it still bogs just before boost. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks, I think I have figured out my issues with the fuel. The pump currently is wired into the stock wiring. I heard about some Z drivers using a headlight relay to get a solid 12v to the pump. How exactly does one wire this up?
  9. I had the aeromotive fpr installed. We created bypass where the original fpr was and mounted the new fpr next to the fuel filter. I have the fpr set to around 35psi at idle with brand new stock injectors and a new walbro 255 pump. Everything seems good except just as boost comes on at lower rpms below 2500. When accelerating with these conditions, the car feels groggy. Like you give it gas, but it just doesn't want to go until I hit just around 2500. Any ideas? Complete MS parts list. I am still looking for an intercooler (either NPR or etc) and a ka24 throttle body. Me
  10. Its not a matter how much horsepower. Its how efficient the ecu runs and works. Which is why I would say go MS. Plus there's a lot of expand ability on the MS. You can tune Nistune although it requires modifications.
  11. pmed Im looking for any intercooler bits too for 280zx l28
  12. No, I will be replacing it with a GM closed element. I want fresh sensors for the fresh ecu. I just ordered an Aeromotive a1000 too
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