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240Z ITB Install

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I want to change my stock SU setup to a more reliable solution for endurance racing. At first I was considering triple webers, then realized the ITB availability. I have looked at the options below and cannot find much info on others experiences with these products and suppliers, or if it's worth the expense. Should I choose the Megasquirt MS3-Pro or some other system to compliment this setup? 


Engine is an N42 L24 block but I think I may find it is bored out once I get the head off. Attempting to decipher the CAM numbers it references a 420-02 Cam tech grind CWC camshaft.. The tach in the car has a redline mark at 7000 RPM so maybe I have something decent here? If I find this is a 2.4 stock block, I have a rebuilt F54/P90 flat top I could use and just transfer the head/cam to this engine. Looking for experts on this. I am good at teardown and rebuild but no engineer. Thanks in advance for the help.


1. Top End Performance - Datsun Z Car Triple ITB Package with Air Horns or Air Filters. https://www.racetep.com/ztripitb-horns.html

2. EFI Hardware - Universal 6 Cylinder Throttle Body Kits. https://www.efihardware.com/products/c387/Universal-6-Cylinder-Throttle-Body-Kits

3. Datsun Spirit - DSI 50mm ITB setup. http://datsunspirit.com/shop/dsi-50mm-itb-setup/

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15 hours ago, madkaw said:

OER sells some ITB’s that look like carbs- very nice . They make them in various sizes . As far as programmable EFI - Megasquirt pro might be overkill .


Agree that Megasquirt pro might be overkill. Spend that money on something else like tuning.


Godzilla raceworks sells a "plugin" MS2(?). 


I am using Microsquirt works well and not missing any features.

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For my money I would go Datsun Spirit ITB.  They seem to have the whole package integrated with control unit, tuning and system. It's one thing to get the unit but then you need to integrate it and then tune/optimize based on your engine.  I think that is where Datsun Spirit is different than the other cookie cutter systems.  There systems is designed and engineered just fo the L-Series.  Here is a video of the dyno with their ITB.  



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