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How to remove black oil spot from the seat!!??


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Hello there, I am very much upset today.

I was cleaning my car today and unfortunately I placed a can of engine oil inside my car Toyota Supra.

On my seat few of those oil dropped and now I can see a round dark spot it. :( 

This is my favorite car which I bought when Toyota Supra For sale.


Now I tried to wash those seats with washing powder but still I can see the spot.

Can you suggest me what other thing I can do to get rid from it?


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Yes, brake clean on upholstery is a very bad idea.  I would use SImple Green concentrate, not mixed with water yet, and spray a small amount on the oil stain.  Take a clean dry towel and blot the spot, do not rub!  I'll repeat it, do not rub!  Repeat this until no more oil is transferring to the rag and then take a clean wet cloth and rub the spot to start getting the Simple Green out.  Once the area is wet you can blot it with a dry cloth to help get the Simple Green out and repeat.  It's worked on some greasy stains for me in the past.  Good luck with whatever method you choose.


I've also had great luck with a foaming cleaner called Tuff Stuff but it's probably too weak for this.  It does clean up an interior really well though!

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Actually, Brakekleen is used very commonly to clean bad stains on the interior.  I've personally used it on carpets and door panels many times without any problem.   For a seat, you obviously wouldn't blast it so much that it soaks through to the foam....you use it on a rag and blot it, like you would with any cleaning product.


Good luck with it.

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I thought I would give it a full month to let the grease soak in,  the red grease is Redline assembly lube, the dark grease is from wiping my finger around the ball joint of my DD.  The fabric came out much better than I thought it would, there is still a light stain from the dark grease and the Redline is almost certainly just the dye in the lube. If these were cleaned off soon after it happened I'm sure you would see no traces. This was done with clean white T shirt cotton and Brakekleen, keep rubbing until the cotton comes away clean.






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Thx for the "acid test".  I believe you are correct that Brakeleen is similar chemical composition as dry-cleaning fluid....I believe that is what originally turned me onto it for cleaning interior stains.  I had spilled gasoline on an interior carpet, and Brakekleen was the only product that actually cleaned it and removed all gas odor....nothing else I tried removed the odor.

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