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Everything sold, thanks everyone


-Megasquirt 3 with custom plug n play harness built by Mackay Powers, NEVER installed, still new, great quality wiring and loom - SOLD

-Garrett T3/T4 turbo, 57trim 63AR - SOLD

-L28 motor - F54 block, P79 head - SOLD

-Supra 440c injectors - SOLD

-Intercooler and piping with blow-off valve, generic - SOLD

-Exhaust manifold - SOLD

-Custom shaved and polished intake manifold - SOLD

-Palnet fuel rail with fuel gauge - SOLD

-Motorsport Auto 2.5 in downpipe, never used - SOLD
-Polished 240sx throttle body with spacer - SOLD


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updated listing
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On 9/3/2018 at 9:57 AM, ScramblerX said:

I'll take the throttle body pending a picture. Did I miss it in the pictures above?

Pallnet set up for 14mm injectors?

I added photos of the throttle body. It's pending sale so will let u know if it's still available.

I'm not exactly sure on the mm size of the fuel rail, but it fits the supra 440 injectors



15 hours ago, Nismo5150 said:

Is there a way i can get a hold of you directly to a number? Theres a few things i would like to get off you

You can send me a PM

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