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Triple Blowthrough Turbo


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This evening I had an hr so I packed and pressed the rear end together with new OE bearings and seals. 


Unfortunately, one of the stubs was extremely difficult to turn when pressed on. This is a new one on me, apparently the dust shield was binding with the strut assembly. 


Fortunately I have a couple spare dust shields but I'll try and lightly bend this one out first before pulling all the studs out and starting over. 



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After disassembly it was apparent what had happened. The dust shield lip somehow caught on a couple of areas of the KW powdercoated strut assembly. After some beating with a hammer things looks better. I'll ensure there are no raised edges on the strut assembly or dust shield, throw a coat of paint on everything, and re-reassemble. 


Hopefully I can get it back together this next week or so, the general mechanical work is easy but time consuming. I'd like to get back into some welding and fab work. 



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It has been a ridiculous month and I had to take a break from the project due to working insane hours and balancing family time, but I'm back at it again. 


Since the last update I wrapped up the bulk of the suspension and brakes upgrades and started tearing back into the turbo aspects. 


I need to fully mock up the new manifolds and turbo setups into the car before we continue with the new cnc intake manifold setup so I've started tearing everything back out again. 


This will also allow me to refabricate my midpipe to downpipe connection. 


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Life got busy but I recently started working on the build again. 


Since the last post I've been cleaning out the garage and figuring out where things are at. 


All of the new suspension is on and I pulled the midpipe to begin refabrication around the new turbo setup. I also sent the vintage SK 50s out for restoration and started assembling my wheels with the 245s for more traction. 


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I had a couple of hrs this morning so I stripped out the old turbo setup and started mocking up the new Vband G series and wastegate. 


There is a lot of fabrication work ahead and it starts with mocking up all the hard parts in the car. 




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