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Where to Buy OBX diff / rear end build compatibility


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Hey everyone. 

I am trying to search around for an OBX Helical differential for an r200 and can't for the life of me find a vendor anywhere with them in stock.

Any pointers or sites I should look at?


Second thing... I have done plenty of research but just want to confirm with the experienced people here that my combo of parts for a rear end build are all compatible.

The plan is:

- R200LN housing from a '83 280zx

- 3.90 ring and pinion from the '83 280zx

- CV shafts from a '84 300zx turbo

- OBX HLSD that would fit a '84 300zx turbo

- shortened Axle shafts from either Modern Motorsports or Whitehead Performance

- 27-spline companion flanges to mate up to the outer stub axles from either MM or WHP


Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


Thank you!



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Well it's been a few years since I did it but off the top of my head your list looks right, the OBX you are looking for is 10528 and I just had a whiz around the net and I couldn't find one either, not even on the OBX site which is kinda strange.

Maybe they discontinued because there wasn't enough demand?

If you do find one you know that you will have to tear it down, replace the shitty washer springs and probably reverse the gears, right?

I wish I could help more.


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