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Anyone Race a Z33?


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I have driven a nismo version on the track and was really surprised at how much the rear steers and moves around.  I can also say I am not a fan of the auto rev match feature.  Brakes were pretty good and the power was adequate enough to invoke traction control a few times.  Those were just HPDE days not actually racing...

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I don't have any personal experience but there's a few running around with NASA on the West Coast that I've seen. They seem pretty quick and fairly inexpensive to run.




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Auto rev match came in the Z34. I don't race my Z33, I just do random HPDE events. The factory ABS is a bit wonky and intrusive and there's vids on Youtube of the ABS pump blowing and sending the car into full lockup. Other than that just keep an eye on oil and rear diff temps, apparently they like to cook both.

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ABS delete on mine it's all gone, engine has a larger aluminium sump but no aftermarket engine oil cooler which is perhaps why it has a oil temp gauge, diff has received a lot of attention. It came with a manual switched pumped cooler and now has a clutch type LSD, NISMO cover and a thermo switch to control the pump. Plus have done lots of detail things like fitting magnetic drain plugs front to back.

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Something to consider, if you haven't already:

If I remember the article correctly, even the NISMO Z have issues with brake fade. Despite Nissan tech team switching to higher temp synthetic fluid they still overheated- it only worked as a band aid. While the NiSMO has bumper provisions for brake ducting it doesn't have actual ducting. 


Your car likely already has this addressed but its worth a mention. 



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