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1983 ZXT dizzy and more


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From a 1983 ZXT , manual trans - that had 112k miles and succumb to rust and a bad turbo 

Dizzy - 150$ obo - SOLD

spindle shaft - SOLD

AFM- 100$

ECU- 125$

fuel injectors with rail - 100$

complete harness including engine harness -150$

prices are best offer 

shipping extra









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I would separate since I have two of you right here- lol


Selling these for a friend that is needing tires for his Z . Trying to be fair on price . I would think 75$ on the spindle and that make sure the dizzy 175$ ?

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1 hour ago, jeffer949 said:

JSM Message me!!! Well nvm I guess you cant.  Text me 316-seven eight 9- 3six one 4

Someone replied with wrong number!  You try me!  I tripple checked it too.

407 -234- 0ne 915


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