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The springs: https://zcardepot.com/products/coil-spring-set-stock-and-lowered-240z-260z-280z?variant=21384265269361


I'm planning on installing new springs and struts and I've found this option.

I don't race my car and my suspension is totally stock so far, I feel my springs and struts are fine I'm just looking to lower it.

I want a 1.5 or 2" drop, I like that the springs I've linked seem linear and not progressive.

They don't give much of a description of who makes these springs or where they come from though.


Has anyone used them? Would you recommend them?

I like the amount of drop some people get with the Tokico springs but we all know they're discontinued.

I don't think I'll go the eibach route because I've been reading that they don't drop the ride height much.

Also if anyone's running other brands like vogtland or STAGG etc. let me know what you think about them.

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I can't help you with the zcardepot springs but the Eibach springs lowered my Z by 1.5" in the front and about 2" in the rear, in fact I had to install a 1/2" spacers in the back to bring it up to level. I can't say I love the progressive either but if like you say, you just want the car lowered then you probably won't even notice, it's a good firm spring for the street.  2" and lower you may have to start thinking about your choice of tires, some rub some don't even when they are labeled as the same size.

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I’ll add to this post, as it’s me over at CZCC with that for sale post. I have since found the matching 5020F front springs, and I also have two sets of those! All brand new. I’ve lowered the price to $100 per set of 4 (2-5020F and 2-5020R)


Mind you the total lack of response to this thread might indicate interest in these springs is pretty low, but who knows. Send me an email to z240@shaw.ca if you’re interested.

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