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s130 patch panels


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I just got a 280zx, and it needs a few rust repairs. Im having trouble sourcing patch panels. I see s30 patch panels in several shops, but no one seems to carry them for the s130. Any suggestions? For now I need a front lower fender panel, but I imagine I will need more as time and repairs go on.


Is there a source for these? Are people custom fabbing them from sheet metal? Complete panel replacement?

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24 minutes ago, LooseRocks said:

Never used them so I don't know anything about quality deliver or ...



Those are for 280z not the ZX. Unfortunately i dont have any better advice. i made my own patch panels and got fenders from a company that doesnt exist anymore. Zcarsource might have fenders if it comes to that. 

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I have seen many, many 280zx parts cars on FB over the past two months. You could take a photo of the spot you wish to replace and ask if someone is willing to cut that portion out and sell it to you. I would post in an FB Z group as a “parts wanted”. Otherwise, if it’s a small enough area without a unique contour, I’d just make it out of mild steel sheet and use body filler to contour. 

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Take some pics and post for best advice - no one is making patch panels for these any more.


I have a MIG welder and custom grabbed half a firewall and inner fender panel and battery tray for my ZX after a battery exploded starting the car in winter and rusted... bought a bead roller to duplicate the panels exactly...


Should be fairly easy to weld patches in...


Alternatively, Showcar Body Parts in Ontario shows new and used fenders on their website but I seem to remember some cautions about them...

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Buyer beware with show cars in Ontario. DO NOT give him any money till something is completed. I dont feel like going into my huge mess i got into with him. I will say it was like 10years ago so maybe things got better but i would most certainly NOT give him money unless he has something done and ready to ship. You run into issues when a business you have problems with is technically in a different country. I ended up sending a shipping company to his door 1yr later just to take whatever part of a hood of mine he had. I sold it for $50, that's how bad it was. If he has something in stock and sends you pictures of it then you may have no choice but to get it. I know how hard it is to get things for s130's.

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