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Am I missing something?


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Hi everyone. Im currently in the process of building a 1984 maxima wagon.  I am turbo‐ing the stock l24e for now till I can find and machine a turbo engine to fit a from sump.  I know the l24e crank is weaker but I'm not looking for 400hp. 180-200will be fine for now.  Below is my set up and curious if I'm missing something. 


Stock L24e.  Mn47 head. Compression is 170psi across all cylinders

Ecu is a speeduino stand alone runing batch fire fuel and wasted spark on 6 individual LS truck coils. 

14point7 wideband

52lb high z 14mm injectors. 

Billet dash 8 rail.

Aeromotive adjustable FPR

Running the stock 5/16 feed and return lines which should be fine for my hp goals I think

New  280zx turbo fuel pump

Stock l28et turbo manifold, turbo, and down pipe. 

I have the oil feed sorted out. Just need to have a line made. 

Stock intake which is the same as a late 280zx small plenum intake(curious if this will be an issue)

Stock auto transmission till I can manual swap it. 


Things I think I probably should change but have not addressed yet are switching to a turbo oil pump.  And I need to switch to a colder spark plug. I know this is a high compression engine but it is the mn47 head which is a high quench head which helps with detonation. I can wire in a flex fuel sensor if I need to run e85 or e30. Both are everywhere around me. 


Any thing Im missing or words of advice i would appreciate it.  




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I think you have it pretty well covered. Hopefully someone can chime in on the EFI side. If you're going to push more power in the future I'd uprate the fuel lines to at least 3/8 or -6. 


For the turbo make sure you look real close for any cracks. I think I've had bad luck with the two OE 280zxt Garrett air research turbos I had, both showed significant cracking on the hot side after removing the wastegate housings. 

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Your description already seemed "advanced level".  Kind of seemed like you had everything covered.  I do notice though that there's nothing there about crank or cam sensors or distributor.  How are you controlling ignition timing and injection?  Batch injection and wasted spark don't need to know #1 compression, but you still need a trigger to control ignition timing.  Not familiar with Speeduino.



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Not my first go around. Just been 10ish years since ive messed with a turbo L-series. Or any L-series. Or any project car for that matter.  My old 260z was L28et swapped with MS and a holset HE351cw.  Big injectors, Big intercooler, ZG flared.  240sx transmission swapped, z31 lsd diff. 280zxt cv axles.  12.8 at 110mpg on street tires at 14psi because my clutch was slipping(normally ran 20psi) You know, how you built a fast car cheap 15 years ago...... 


Cam and crank signal are through a Nissan Optical CAS from a Ka24e out of a D21 truck that I modified to use the stock NA oil pump shaft.  The car is running currently but not well due to 2 pretty clogged up injectors.  So that part is taken care of. I just wanted another set of eyes on what I'm doing to double check. 


Speeduino is similar to MegaSquirt but its all open source and is being currently developed.  I understand why DIYautotune needs to charge so much to stay in business. The price point has gotten so high that your getting close to more robust standalones. Haltec, Maxxecu, fast, Holley etc. My speeduino was under 200 bucks. another 100 for the wideband from 14point7. It uses tunerstudios as an tuning interface just like MS does. 


Thanks for looking it over. Ill post a follow up once its up and going. 

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Has anybody that has added a turbo to a late model 280zx with the small plenumed intake manifold seen any severe adverse effects?  I'm going to be milling the injector pockets on the intake to accept 14mm injectors and if there is a major drawback id rather find a 75-80 intake and mill that rather than do it twice.

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