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David K

Nissan Y40 V8 pics

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Guest nikko74z

Hey David, I have a few pics, but not sure how to post them here. Someone mentioned that a L28 flywheel would bolt up. I noticed that as well, but the stock flywheel it came with has an egg shaped adaptor that could possibly be a counter weight of some kind. I will side with Tony, 350 to 400 hp n/a is not out of the question. I am going to the machine shop next Thursday. My buddy called and he told me he had something interesting to show me in relation to the roller rockers I mentioned previously. The other nice thing is that I have a template that will allow me to fit a turbo 350 tranny that has a transbrake in it. Fuel injection is not out of the question. July is around the corner. I wish I had time to visit this site more often, boy has this thing evolved over the years.

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I think it looks very similar to a Buick V-8, doesn't it? (front mount distributor)

The buick has an external oil pump though.

Dave, I don't know how, but I just ran my 78 at Qualcomm eighths yesterday until the slave cyl. took a crap, my worst time was 11.1, that's when I had NO clutch action at all, I did my final run by cranking in 1st gear and flooring it.

My best time was a 9.825@72, and I even managed a 10.1 with my buddy garrett along for the ride..he's like 290lb, my Z weighed at least 3100lb at that point and I still beat a stripped down probably sub-1400lb CRX (man did that put a smile on my face.)

I guess i just happen to have a really strong running L28 motor. I have never opened it up, I just have a couple of bolt-ons (and no, one of them is NOT a turbo)

I still wouldn't mind finding one of these motors, even if it never finds it way into a car, just to be able to say..."That's a Nissan small block." hehe!

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