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280zx racer

some pics 280zx 1uzfe

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In QLD there are engineers who have certification to approve changes to registered vehicals.If you change a car at all even seats you need a complience plate attached to your car.Their are engine capacity limits that a certified mechanic can approve and then above that a certified engineer has to do it.A mechanic is not automaticly able to do the first stage of inspection he has to be sit a test to be able to aprove even these minor modifications. col

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Holy crap... you guys have it worse than I though in australia. Sounds almost as bad as california.


But it sounds like you're still allowed to do a lot, and they're just strict about making sure every thing's done right, correct?


Here in CA nearly ALL parts are illegal unless there CARB certified, and for companies to put their parts through the certifications process for CARB is counter productive because it costs them so much and they can't guarantee enough sales in JUST california. So a large majority of parts aren't ever certified leave our poor state out of the loop of performance parts.


This is actually the main reason I'm gonna HAVE to do a motor swap in my ZX. Any mods would be illegal since not many modern parts made for the L28 are CARB certified. I'd have much better luck with something like a 1UZ that I can easily mod to get 300HP out of without noticeable mods.


In light of all the issues you might have good luck with the inspections 280ZX racer.

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engineer means qualified engineer, the guy i have used is very good and used to work for the dept of transport and he seems to specialise in cars, eg imports hot rods street machines etc he has to be a member of institute of automotive engineers, costly but hopefully all worth it in the end.


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Hey Guys,


I've just got back from my holiday, so figured it was time for an update.


Well the engine is now running with the wolf 3D on standard map so it's a little fuely. Fixed up the cooling system with a bleeder tank as the radiator sits lower than the engine does.


Picked up custom tail shaft from final drive engineering and have since installed that. Still working on the rear 300zx brakes and drive shafts but they should all be installed soon.


Had the car running the other day but for some reason reverse gear does not seem to be working but I will get onto that one soon.


I have some newish pics of the car on my son’s web site but none of the car with cooling system in place or the new tail shafts. Once I get reverse gear sorted out I will pull the car out of the shed and get some new pictures of the car for everyone.


Here's the updated pics site. ---> http://doadrift.com/image/tid/15


Mods list so far!



Engine Modifications


Custom Extractors

Wolf 3D V4 ECU

Shift Kitted Auto

VR V8 Commodore Radiator

Badger Build Radiator Bleeder Tank

Single 17” Thermo Fan with custom shroud

Custom Engine mounts

Bosch fuel pump


Exterior Modifications

Nissan Diamond luster paint (with rainbow fleck)

Custom colour bumpers grey (with rainbow fleck)

Full underbody paint in black and blue (see new pics)



Interior Modifications

Wolf 3D Hand controller

New black moulded carpet and dash mat


Suspension and Wheels Modifications

Supra 2 pot front calipers

Supra 295mm front Rotors

5 stud conversion

Nissan z31 rear brakes

Nissan z31 drive shafts

KYB struts (front and rear)


Planned Modifications

17/8/? Wheels (not sure what I’m going with yet)

Coilover suspension

Twin Turbo (maybe later down the track)


Thanks for all the interest



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