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  1. ahahaha you sound like vwvortex.com coilovers are def in the near future amigo i'm thining H&R
  2. nice!!! LEMME SEE! heres new ones
  3. she drives like a dreeeeam man! this is my first FWD car so I was really nervous about that. but as far as the ride, the suspension is stiff but not too stiff/rocky. at full throttle first and second gear are reeeeal loose but at the top of second it starts to grab and plant you in the seat pretty good. niceeee man i love the mkv's the timing belt was done around 75k,so I should probably do one around 150 right? I'm guessing you found this out the hard way ... 2 dr? 4dr? it's crazy how they have 4dr GTIs now as compared to what exactly? what is DSG? oh cool do you have any pics? what all did you do to it?
  4. just picked her up a couple days ago 2002 1.8t GTi 5 spd 108,000 mi TT exhaust revo stage 1 tune intake euro front / euro switch 20th AE headlights koni struts, neuspeed rear sway bar painted calipers What do you guys think? I doubt theres a lot of dub fans around here but I recall seeing a few of us when I went to SEZ in 2007/2008 I really have to say that this car is an absolute blast to drive! she spikes to 20psi and holds steady at 17. she pulls pretty hard for a little golf! not to mention 30 mpg if I drive accordingly, and room for me +4 friends.
  5. NICE! old school vw really stood out weather looked great. wigen your s30 still lookin good :thumbs up:
  6. now THAT is cool! i might have to get one of these!
  7. are those 350z wheels on the 300zx? and get those aluminum side window louvers from that 280 i know someone 'round here want's em.
  8. http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/cto/1345890220.html I met up with the guy last night (blehh i hate checking cars out at night). the car has hks ss, ebay exhaust, lowering springs (i think cheesy ebay knockoffs), side mounted intercooler. apparently the previous owner had it set up with a ridiculous FMIC, with no blow off valve. I guess when he bought the car the guy told him it had a "blown headgasket." he replaced the turbo, installed the HKS BOV, and the sidemount and it's running fine now. it holds boost at 8psi , and the transmission/clutch seemed fine. do you guys know anything about these cars to look out for? he's asking 2800 which I for certain won't give him, but if I can talk him down I might get this. what do you guys think?
  9. holy crap that made me laugh so hard ahahahahaa. what car is it on?
  10. love the skyline, and love the 240! i don't think i've seen anything like that 240...its a "true" time machine haha
  11. words cannot describe how that made me feel except maybe elated hahahahahaha. makes me think twice about trying this at the local country night club
  12. don't judge me! it's a gas crunch for cryin out loud! just picked her up for 1750 ...kid was movin out of town and had to get rid of it she's got a killer sound system and yes theyre two different kinds of rims anyone gettin rid of a couple TENZO R's or ICWs lol?? [link=http://a787.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/7/l_542d718c84ae616a8d96c995514ffae2.jpg][/link] [link=http://a853.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/8/l_0aeef410acacc43a81b54643dbb2bbc4.jpg][/link] [link=http://a219.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/22/l_f99d53f80186cf2c8bf75095a8501202.jpg][/link]
  13. i traded my z for this truck and a Yz250 2 stroke!! the guy that has it is doin all the body work and stuff so that's cool...he's also got it running a bit better
  14. painted my rims! if only i could paint my whole truck lol [/link] making of: took about a 6 pack, an hour, and 20 bucks [/link] [/link] [/link] pictured is my newly rescued pitbull, rosie. she's a sweet heart!
  15. watch out speed racer here he comes!! xD
  16. DAMN that is sexy! good work on that z man! nice photography skills as well :thumbs up:
  17. as usual your posts are very wise! i'm treading it for a honda in a week or two
  18. recently it has been starting weird... when you turn the key all the way it turns over once or twice, then completely stops for a half a second, and then turns over and starts after that. is this an electrical issue or does it just need new spark plugs or something? every time i start it, the usual small things that happen w hen a battery dies happens...the digi clock resets to 12:00, and the radio station presets reset. car in question is a 1999.5 Jetta 2.0 auto thanks in advance
  19. hell yeah man that's going to look great! good luck and keep the pics comin
  20. that's undoubtedly custom. it looks like a modified MSA 2 front end...the wing looks liek one of those things they sell in magazines for pontiac sunfires, civics etc. the sideskirts, Z3 vents are custom too
  21. hooooooooooooly crap man all that work was most definetly worth it!!!! she's b-e-a-UTIFUL
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