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Twin turbo manifold


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it came with two small mitsubishi turbos. i looked it up and they are used on volvos...


i got it from (you guessed it) RHD Japan for a little over $700! they have been putting it on sale and it kept getting cheaper and cheaper! so i jumped on it lol...


i havent gotten it home yet but if it doesnt clear then i guess i will have to (twist my arm right?) RHD conversion.


so all you turbo gurus...will these be small guys be up to the task of maybe...400 WHP?

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That is a VERY cool piece and looks beautifully built. But I am 100% positive will not fit our LHD cars and even if it did...the plumbing for the turbos and intercooler would be pretty intense with everything on the left side. Converting the car to RHD would be a huge effort too?


With Garrett making 460whp, Tim making 600+whp, Jeff P making 500+whp...there is alot to be had with a single efficient turbo set-up..just my opinion.



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Make sure you post up heaps of pics of you RHD conversion, do a search on here for Trust or Greddy manifold, i know its there it was only about 6 months ago it was discussed, it is still a good price for the manifold considering you got the wastegate as well, i payed alot more for the single turbo version(brand new though).

I have a few pictures of it mounted to an engine but not in a car, so if you want them send me an email and ill send them through to you.

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i am not going the twin turbo route cause i think that the single turbo is not what i need, because i am building my daily driver with a single T3/T4...i was looking to replicate the Devil Z wangan monster! lol. well not exactly cause i do not want to deal with tripple carbs.


i think it was a good deal cause i got the manifold, w/g, 2 turbos, oil lines, and extra flanges and gasgets.

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