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  1. Honestly, if you're going to drop that much cash on a transmission setup, why not go for the better 6 speed transmission?
  2. Awesome sauce, thank you veeeery much!!! PS. I finally got the car home today. Now I just need to save up for awhile and go to town!
  3. aw c'mon yours doesn't look that bad! and I am on a couple forums under this name, but I have shortened it to RedEvil on most of them due to the fact I no longer own an S13.
  4. I <3 this car and thread. Question on the KA flywheel, wwas it for a Single or Dual cam KA? I have a Fidanza Flywheel from my KA24DE in my 240, and I would love to use it on my L28 when I finally swap it to manual. Also, what clutch are you using?
  5. Hey not fair, I haven't picked mine up yet. I pick it up saturday, and I can't wait to start! I just can't think of a good licence plate for it, I usually do video game or random plates but I can't think of anything. For example, my 72 Baja Bug has the plate "Haduken", you know Ryu's fireball from street fighter. I love your username btw, my 240sx was flat black inside and out!! So glad I got rid of that car though, I prefer Zs
  6. yeah I'm still alive, I've just been searching everywhere for a deal like this. Trust me, that kitchen counter/pizza box holder of a rear bumper is going to be one of the first things gone, as well as putting alot of the parts I have sitting around from my last Z (Xenon air dam, Toyota brake upgrade). Once the body work is over with (needs rockers and fenders to start) I plan on having her sprayed the same color she is now, as I love dark british racing green-esque colors. By the way, the site has definitely changed since I've been here, its definitely a cool layout!
  7. Ok, I'm going to be 100% honest, I won't be surprised if no one on here remembers me, BUT! I finally got another 280, although this time its not a 2/2. The day has finally come....or should I say Round 2. Hopefully some of you may remember me from Airjockie's bbq from earlier this year, and I kept rambling oooooooooon and ooooooooon about how much I miss my 78 280 2+2 and that I was searching for one for cheap...... ......my search is over. and how. 400$ and a trip to berwick maine and I am the proud owner of a 1978 280z 2 seater. I am beyond happy. Is she perfect? Is any 400$ car? NO. But she's in alot better shape than my 2/2 was when I first got it, so I'm already one step ahead lol I only took two picks when I went to go look at her for the first time, so here ya go! I can't wait to get her home so I can start tinkering and get her running! Oh and she has a full drivetrain (automatic trans unfortunately), but the engine won't start, and to even get it to crank you need to run a jumper wire from the battery to the starter. No biggie, and she needs some body work, but I am finally in possession of another Z. I'm in love alllllll over again.
  8. Holy crap, this thread is still going? That's AWESOME!!!!
  9. Yes, I too have seen that car before.....I think it was an insane concept or something at the Tokyo Auto Salon. I could be mistaken as to the location, however...
  10. I miss my 2/2.....and this forums, just figured Id pop in and say hi....
  11. Yasin, that car is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ impeccable!!! That car is a compliment, nay, an inspiration to all 280ZX owners. Maybe when I'm done my S30 Ill pick up a ZX...
  12. THAT'S THAT PURPLE CARE FROM SEMA!!!!!!! Oh god I want that car sooooo bad!
  13. OH THAT ONE!! No that car isn't a joke, it's been all over the internet. He blew up his transmission while ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ around with the car, he kept launching the car and doing burnouts and Nissan refused to cover it under warranty due to customer abuse. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a tool
  14. that's not a skyline, it's a GTR. they are completely different now.
  15. The car is now a shell with an engine in it, and we will do some more work on it friday. Hopefully we can have it ready for a rottisserie soon!
  16. Notice how the 2nd one is awesome AND 2+2? Yeah, that's right suckas! Now if only I could get mine done
  17. awesome info guys thank you very much! I think I'm going to pick up some L26 carbs to start out with, and move up after I'm used to them.
  18. #1 - Daily Driver #2 - All Corners (must be AWD) #3 - High Speed Heaven (luxury & power) #4 - Mid or Rear (engine behind occupants) #5 - Off the Beaten Trail (4x4 & such...) #6 - Track Time (track vehicle) #7 - WILD CARD (just fill the bay - balls, class, style, prestige ... whatever) ok here goes... 1-2004 Subaru Forester 2-2003 WRX Wagon with every HKS mod available. 3-Koenssegg (I cant spell it for ♥♥♥♥ lol) 4-AW11 MR2 SC 5-my 1972 Baja Beetle!!!! 6-my VH41de powered S13 (its not done yet, so it's already in the garage!) 7-1969 Oldsmobile 442 with the W30 package in white and gold.
  19. Howdy. While my 280Z is in the shop getting...erm....redone shall we say, I was interested in ditching the FI setup and going carb'd. I've been looking around the internet and here for an hour thus far and haven't found anything truly 100% useful on the matter. What intake/carb setup would I need? Would a setup off of a L26 work? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!
  20. hey guys remember me? well, my rotted 2/2 is now at FujiiSPL in epsom Nh, being resurrected as it should have been years ago. pics to come!
  21. happy anniversary of existence BRAAP!
  22. lol well i havent off roaded with it yet, but i drive it like i stole it lemme tell ya! I need to adjust the valves (the FSM calls for it every 3k) and do some other fine tuning, and it NEEDS front disc brakes. Stopping with all wheel drums is.....interesting at times, especially when I get cut off.
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