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Project 240Z Turbo ITB Install

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  As mentioned before, once the ITB's are mocked up, tuned and dynoed they will move over to my project 810 build.   This is just a progression in phases as I slowly build as f

I'm sure everydoby with the ditch it and go with something else has something they just happen to sell which would solve the problem.   There HAS to be more than the dyno strapdown issue.

    Wait, is that EXACTLY the point of what I said?   Oh wait... and didn't Phil end up spending ABSURD amounts of money on his "budget" build?   Off the top

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Fed Ex showed up around 6pm last night. Fresh out of the box.



















One problem with the fuel injectors I have they are #42 Ford Part# 0-280-150-558. Apparently they have the smaller o-rings installed on them which makes them loose when mounted. I have been searching for what size they are (black on bottom, blue on top). I guess I need to hit the parts store and get a few different ones to see what works.

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Re-painted, detailed the Mikuni manifold:






ITB's with new linkage setup mounted, 15.2mm GM LS2 FI o-rings are tight no play on these injectors at all:







One little snafu, the front throttle arm is hitting the thermostat housing:








With some quick pictures sent to Kevin at Extrudabody yet again great customer support!! He suggested to adjust the heim joints and if they don't get the rail high enough he'll send me some spacers or trim the throttle arm.


More to come....

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With some guidance from Kevin, I tried to adjust the heighth. It clears with the heim joints all the way raised, no threads for the nut...damn. Needless to say yet again excellent customer support!! he is sending me 15mm spacers. I am not giving up, more to come...









I started messing with the throttle cable. I'm going to attempt to attach it to the stock pedal vice using the Savage bracket and other route since the cable loops too funky...





FYI the 240Z gas pedal is already slotted for a cable.




I don't really like this, still messing with it:


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Well, I am assuming there are no new updates due to the MASIVE amounts of snow between the house and the garage...lol




I am officially done shoveling until the next freakin Snowpocalypse as of today.





I received my parts from Kevin @ Extrudabody on Thursday: (3) 15mm spacers and longer socket (allen) bolts. I plan on getting back in the garage over this long weekend since my path is finally shoveled to it.



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The Power resistor mod IIRC is used to enable a 260-280 tach to work with a MSD. The 240 has a CURRENT triigered tach not a VOLTAGE triggered tach, no resistor mod will ever get it to work with a square wave signal...you MUST create a "false" coil draw for the tach to FEED in order for it to work.




IMHO in a 240 the options are...buy the 60 buck part and wire it in as per MSD, or buy all new gauges..cause lets face it, having just the tach non stock is kinda tachy :flamedevi


Oh and BTW, the adapter makes the stock tach VERY stable and VERY accurate.


I've got the power resistor working in my '72 240Z. The resistor mod is for current triggered tachs - I'm not sure what the 260-280Z are. The 240Z tach is current triggered which is why you use the resistor to draw enough current to trigger the tach :) I mounted it all on a custom aluminum plate and painted it the same colour as the car so I can easily return it to stock if need be.





MSD Plate_thumb.jpg

MSD Plate Installed 2_thumb.jpg

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Just purchased a Laminova Oil to Water Heat Exchanger A43-180 - Medium: 180mm. I also purchased another oil sandwich plate since I upgraded to -8 from -6 on the Earl's I currently have. I also purchased some nomex/kevlar braided line and light alloy swivel AN fittings.


Shipping tomorrow :)




middle one in picture.


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I worked on the ITB and throttle linkage and while waiting on the heat exchanger, and decide to use the stock firewall pivot arm. I purchased the Savage firewall mount and decided to go with it.


Throttle Cable Linkage:

First I drilled out the ball:



Then I bolted this to it:



Here it is mounted, greased ready to go:



I bolted it to the Savage piece on the firewall:



End result:





ITB Linkage:


I installed the 15mm spacers:



Leveled the heim joints, it clears with plenty of space and threads poking out the bottom for the nuts on the bracket for the heim joints:




Heat Exchanger should be delivered tomorrow. I have some more wiring to do and clean up work. Come on Spring I am tired of the snow!! :icon52:

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Looking good Joe. At this rate, you may be able to drive it out and help me prep my car for the 2012 Auto-X Season... B)


Roger that, I might even be boosted by then who the hell knows. I hope to have it running for you to hear before you roll out.


It's only a 20 hour drive (like driving to Florida and then some) when you get short lets start planning it I have over 120 hours of leave now. HA! :shock:

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