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l28et vs sr swap battle ! but this ones hard

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"BTW, the stock mass air flow sensor from a single cam ka24e is the same one used with the sr turbo engines."


This is not true. It is close but its not the same. If you have ever looked at the mapping for both the single cam MAF and the SR MAF they are not the same but similar. The SR will not run perfectly using the single cam MAF

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I agree about the MAF differences. First fire up on the SR proved that out for me as it kept dying after a couple of seconds. Swapped to an actual SR MAF and it's been running fine since then. The other MAF I am 99% sure came from a KA my brother accidentally confused for me when he gave it to me.


I love the passion everyone has here in the discussion. It seems we can all do great things with some patience, advice, time and money to whatever motors we want. I opted for the SR because it was lighter and gets better gas mileage and I was familiar with it. I guess I could have gone KA too saving cash, but at the time I wasn't as familiar with it. It was a fun learning experience doing the SR and I still think the torque in it is just fine as it is. I've had it in for 4.5 years now, been to 14+ autox events and a recent Hallet HST event. The A/C works and it gets over 30 mpg on the highway in my 2+2 ZX (3.7 rear gears & 255/40/17's). It makes me smile, and that's all I need. To each their own. Whatever you choose, I hope it can make you smile too.

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