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Any recovered Alcoholics? Homework assignment...


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Hey, Im having to do the following...


Briefly summarize their life before alcohol, during alcohol, and since they've stopped using alcohol.


I dont have any family members that were "alcoholics" so I cant really answer it.. the other choice is to attend a AA meeting which will be hard by noon tomorrow. :)


Are there any recovered alcoholics that would be able to pm me a little info to help finish this. It doesnt have to be long, just a little info on how bad or good life was while drinking, after, before, etc. Anything will help.



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I have never gone to any meetings, but about two and a half years ago I went through a really bad slump and used alcohol on an hourly basis to deal with it. I worked 6 days a week and spent every penny on my habbit. I would drink when I woke up, in the shower, bring a flask with me to work, and usually kill more than a case a night. My brother finally sat me down and talked to me about what I was doing... and how he had gone through the same thing in college. It convinced me to change my life. I had to remember back to what made me happy before I started drinking and start doing those things again. I had to change all of my friends, and where I hung out. Two years later and I finally have my life back under control, I have a really good job, doing much better in school and only socially drink a couple days a month.


Probably the hardest time of my life but with the support of my family I made it through it.

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My paternal grandfather was an alcoholic. I entered college on a full ride (University of Cincy) and Budweisered out after 1 year. I continued to drink daily to excess and pretty much just existed for 2 years. After a friend wrecked and almost died after leaving a party at my house one night, I decided to get sober and try to give school another shot and did very well (Dean's List at new school - Wright State University in Dayton, OH). I started to drink again my senior year and lost my focus. I quit for good shortly after that and went on to get my graduate degree in ME.


I haven't had a drink in over 12 years and my life seems to be on track. My younger brother was not so lucky as he is still recovering from Alcohol and drugs. He battles it daily and during one of his many recovery attempts during family counciling, I came to realize that I have some addictive tendencies so I switched to Diet Coke. I now drink it like I used to drink beer. ;)



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blairjj I just realized your from Centerville. I currently attend Wright State University and I live in Fairborn. We should get together sometime and talk z's. I work at diamonds so if you ever see a red 280zx there I am working. I'm sure you know what diamonds is so I wont go into it lol. pm me and we can talk more about Dayton life.

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Before I started drinking I basically was just trying to cope with being a worthless lump on society. I hung out with a lot of people that did drugs (and had recently quit myself), so I compensated with my recent loss of drug addiction with just picking up a new one.


When I was "at my peak" my girl and I were waking up to 40's of steel reserve, drinking whatever we could come up with during the day, and finishing the night with a bottle of whiskey. I lived across the street from a couple of really good friends of mine that also drank/smoked pot so it was basically a constant party. It really hit me when I made the mistake of letting someone talk me into taking a xanex when I had been drinking tequila all night. I ended up blacking out that night and waking up the next morning with a cheap right broken on my finger and my neighbor telling me that I had gotten violent the night before and punched his dads truck as hard as I could. I was lucky that it was just a farm truck and that his dad loved me like a son, or that really could've caused a lot of problems.


Since I've quit drinking I've returned to college (flunked out the first time I tried to go) and I now have a 3.6 GPA. My girl and I have been together for 6 years now and have really grown close now that we stopped partying and started just living a more respectful/mature life. I now rarely have the urge to drink at all anymore, and on the rare occasion that I do I generally only drink maybe 1 or 2 beers and I quit.. It's just not in me anymore to get shitfaced.


To be fair I still am an addict though, I just keep switching my addiction to different things.. Now it's energy drinks. I honestly believe that if it weren't for Monsters I would probably have flunked out of college again just because I can't get up that early.


On the other hand I've started trying to tell people to calm down on drinking just because I don't want to see someone that I care about go down the path that I went down. Within 3 months I had been in countless fights, broken my knuckle, split my head open, been arrested... Now I'm 25 and living with my parents because I knew that I had to get back on my feet and go back to college or I would lead a worthless life.


I don't know man, that's my rant/contribution. Hope it helps.

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I drink too much in general. Only when I get home from work I "try" and keep it to 2-3 drinks, but sometimes that leads to more. I didn't start drinking really until I was in my early 30's.


The bad part to me is the cost and driking to much at one time. I don't think a couple of glasses of wine at night is really all that bad. I would say I'm addicted though. I look forward to relieving the edge each night.


I really started up more when work was really tough. I don't think my family really new the stress I was under.


I don't beat my wife or kids and I'm not a mean drunk. I think I may be bi-polar though. Supposedly us mentally screwed up folks use alchohol to even ourselves out emotionally.


On a side note, last Thursday we played night golf and got completely hammered! It was a blast. Other than losing my cell phone after falling in a sandtrap and having to go find it the next day way hung over. I did find it though.

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I think that is called Denial. which isn't a big-ass river in eygpt.



:lmao: yeah, that is funny.


As for the question as posed it seems that it is a highly personal question to be asking here so I doubt if you will get alot of responses.


Bottom line is that $$$ spent on beer doesn't end up in the car and IMO the two don't mix well. I know that my best work is not achieved WUI. If you figure a 6 pack a day which is what now $5, that equates to $150 a month or so and after a year is a substantial part of a z car in parts depending on what you buy. And in several years amounts to being able to buy one complete and running.

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