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  1. Thats a good point. Used offset bushings were installed and torqued on all the inner control arm mounting points front and back (the typical kits that have been around forever.) But I swear there was no little to no binding. Still have the oem rubber in the outer rear. There is a 1" diameter difference between a 225/45/15 and 225/50/15 so I'm sure that adds to it.
  2. Filled in the blanks. Just seems to me that for an off the shelf performance kit, it should be quite a bit lower.
  3. Anyone have a clue as to why this car is so damn high? I understand we can get the rear lower with an early shock isolator but what about the front? We're building a chumpcar which keeps us from using the typical sectioned struts with coil-overs. Springs are sitting in the perches correctly and the spacers/bearings are installed between the top perch and the isolators. We don't want to sacrifice shock travel to go lower but it seems to me that it should at least be a few inches lower than it is. Anyone have any idea?
  4. Have you thought about header design yet? I wonder if just copying the primary length and diameter off a known good K series header would be a good idea.
  5. I pull the plugs and crank the engine over till I see about 5lbs or oil pressure.
  6. BAD John BAD! These dry rot over time and can pop at high pressure... leaving you with an over heated engine. Its actually best to connect the back of the head back to the radiator outlet, but we've ran it plugged (threaded outlet) for years with no problems.
  7. Shitty pic from my facebook... This is on our ITS car
  8. Hey John... It seems like we've burned up our subie diff... Whats the best way to rebuild or shim the thing to get it back into spec? Sorry for the thread hijack... at least its on the same topic.
  9. We run Brad Penn in the IT car. http://www.penngrade1.com/
  10. Come to Sebring... We'll have several Sam powered Z cars there already... Always love to have more
  11. Ditto... Been there and done that... not too fun
  12. Convert back to an open diff and give me the LSD? We use Redline 75-90 with GL-5 in our IT car.... Weres great. http://www.redlineoil.com/product.aspx?pid=133&pcid=4
  13. Could go with a Mini Club Waggon, Acura TSX, Mazda 3, Legacy GT, or Altima
  14. Car all the way on the right side of the tent
  15. Damn... I didnt make your cut huh? I had the white/blue/red ITS car in the tent next to that GT car... Took 3rd in class during the enduro
  16. 7 is as wide as we can go... We currently run some heavy aluminium 15x7s with zero offset
  17. There is a set were looking at picking up for the IT car...spacer would be a must for sure. If your on IT forums... please dont buy there out from under us
  18. How bad is the car from the firewall back?
  19. Three things... 1) These axles seem to stick out a bit farther then a stock unit. Am I right about this? 2) It looks to me the retaining clip is internal to the diff, again am I correct? 3) What kinda fluids should I run in this thing... We like redline in the tranny, do they have a product anyone would recommend?
  20. Almost lost his ITS car spinning out of turn 1 at Sebring yesterday!

  21. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=148771 This will be your best option if you have to stick with an r180...
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