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Revolution gauges installed!


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The original post started over here, http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=142674, but I thought more folks might see it in this section. I've included more photos and my answer to the indicator lights normally found in the stock speedo and tach. My solution is a combo arrangement that will fit in the hole just above the emergency flashers switch next to the tach. Yes, that is a cigarette lighter assembly turned light pod. I turned the plug on my lathe using black delrin and drilled holes for LED flat top indicators.

DSC05354 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05355 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05356 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05358 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05359 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

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You know, I was skeptical about getting the revolution gauges from speedhut BECAUSE I would lose the turn signals and other indicators. You, sir, have solved that problem eloquently and given me new hope! Let us know how the cig-lighter pod works and where you got the parts. I'd love to fab one of those for my purposes!


Oh, and how do you plan to hook up the speedo?

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These are the 4" gauges. The way I did all of the gauges is in the link. They are a snug fit with no risk of vibration or coming loose. I can help walk some through this if needed. Order the Speedhut ring adapters to save a lot of trouble. The light pod was relatively simple. I'm attaching some pictures. I used 5/16" pilot lights. Actually, they are about 9/32 or .285" diameter. That's what I drilled them for. Two were LED's and two were incandescent. I didn't realize that and modified the lights to use LED's too. They were what I could find at a local electronics store. I disassembled them to cut the bodies down because I had to add resistors to drop the voltage on the two new LED's (one was 5v and the other 3.6v). If you use 12v LED's then that can be bypassed. Fitting the bodies into the delrin was made easier when they were shortened. The flat top lens removed when I disassembled the bodies were glued into the holes drilled into the delrin body. They have a small lip that must be removed. That delrin body was turned on my lathe and hand drilled. The lighter body was disassembled and then die grinded to open up the end to pass wires through. The connectors are some molex pieces I had around. I also had to open up the hole in the dash bracket to fit the light body into it. It's harder to describe than accomplish.

DSC05371 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05372 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05373 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05374 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

DSC05375 [640x480]_thumb.JPG

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To use the electronic speedo you can purchase Speedhut's VSS GM style converter. It will screw right on the existing speedo gear housing at the trans. Alternately, you should be able to use a later KA trans sender found on 240sx models. It is already a VSS unit. The speedo will figure out the signal and adjust for it. I'm going to give that a go to reduce one more potential for failure. The fuel level meter will program too so you don't have to fret over what sender to use!

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I may consider turning out some blanks (no holes drilled) for those interested. That would allow you to install whatever you had available in the way of lights and configuration. Right now I'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. Let me know if there is any real interest.

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Well my revolution gauges arrived today ;) and I plan to solve the turn signal, brake warning, high beam dash lights with one of these units. These are sold and marketed in the UK to the kit car builder and custom motorcyclist


They are available via few on-line places in the UK but click image to redirect to the lightninglooms website for more info and who sells them



I plan on installing this were the reading map light is on the dash or maybe make up a custom pod and install on top of the steering cover between the two main gauges I will work it out once I have one of these in my hands ;)

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NZeder : Are those lights you posted about the right size to fit in the map light area? Because thats genius. I would love to do something similar.


Now YOU have to post pictures.


This thread pretty much solved most gauge problems with our cars. Good job people.

When I get that far I will post pics. Re the map light area - well the size of those lights I posted is 84mm as the max size of the facia. The facia is 84mm x 14mm and the unit is 35mm in depth. The PCB is higher than the 14mm but I will check the map light sizing tonight and see if there is enough room but my guess is yes.
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