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New Dyno numbers - 240z RB26DETT


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Went back to the tuner a couple of weeks ago after installing the D-Jetro Power FC. Car put down 449.9 RWHP at 18psi...feels pretty good! Here are a few photos. Dont have any video of this session. I have video from the first session with the L-Jetro Apexi Power FC where the car made a best of 415rwhp at 16psi. (sorry for the crappy quality but it was done on my buddies cell phone!...you can hear him talking while I am pacing like an expectant father in the background.)

Turns out the MAF's were too close to the turbos and the turbulence was brutal...the tuner could not get good stable AFR's so we pulled the plug at 16psi. I went home and installed the MAP based Apexi Power FC D-Jetro..now the AFR's are nice and smooth and the car runs like a champ. Off to the track August 4th with my new Nitto NT555R drag radials!!! Lets see what it will do or what it will break.:D


tuning by Almasituning.com (Robin Almasi, Montreal, Quebec)


Thanks Robin!!!













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Joel...thanks..pretty happy with the results. Car feels pretty good and just put the drag radials on today and it made a huge difference in hooking up. Off to the track on August 8th if weather is ok...dont know how the weather is in your part of the world but it has been absolutely brutal this summer..nothing but rain. By the way..your car is my screensaver at work!! Love it!!



Careless...It was amazing to see the difference in the AFR's with the D-Jetro installed. The car is just smoother to drive overall. Are you going to be at Z-FEST? This will be my first year attending with the car.

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Stony funny you mention that. Drew was here last night and we swapped to the porsche cv axles. I got pics on my album hopefully no more axle Carnage. Now to get my LSD in there and go to the track this weekend Ill try to get videos of my 240z l28et stock everything my brothers stroked 240z turbo and drews RB should be FUN!!


I have to see wolf creek racing kit is well worth it. It was easier than puttin in 300zx or 280zx cvs no need to compress that much.

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if you maintain the stock stub shafts they WILL break. hope you have disc brakes that will be the only thing that keeps the wheel under the car when it brakes.


I went as far as adapting Z31 cv axles into my struts. all i did was move the weak point out closer to the wheels. the only solution is going with the entire z32 or r32 gtr axle. the only way you can do that that i know of is the TTT rearend kit.

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No I broke halfshafts then stub shaft then upgraded to z31 cv axles with chromoly bars. Didn't use an adpter made custom length axles and adapted the strut housing to carry the correct bearings. IMHO the only way to maintain an IRS in a z with 400+ hp you need to completely replace the stock rear suspension.

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Stony I agree everything is gotta be replaced these cars werent made for that power Specificall s30 its nice s31 stuff and z31 hold up to some decent abuse. I like the Porsche kit your right but its not elminating the complete weakness of the system. Still leaves you with something to break. However you guys are running stupid power :P Even if you ran full cvs from diff to companian it would be better than running Porsche kit IMHO....

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so stony, whats the best solution here, are u saying i should just spring for the ttt rear end kit along with custom axles with r32 cvs? and then 5 bolt front hubs im assuming, along with redrilled rotors and new wheels? damn, my wallet just ran away!

you dont think the MM rear billet stubs will hold up to a modest 300 ft lbs?

How about modifying the rear axle carriers to accept r32 axles?

lets just make a new thread discussing just this, in the drivetrain forum.

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