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Now with Wastegates!!!

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Finally decided to get wastegates for my turbos. After years of running the twin turbo chevy engine without them, I decided I wanted to control the boost instead of having the boost control me!! I'm hoping everything will work properly.


Soon the engine will go back into the Z.





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so if you couldnt control the amount of boost how much were you running?


17-20 psi with 3-5 psi at launch.


bleakdragonmage.....no control.... the exhaust turbine housing A/R dictated how fast and how much boost was produced. My Rajays with the 383 had .80 A/R and made 17 psi. I changed the A/R to .60 and made 30 psi but it was too much.

My new turbos had .96 A/R with the 406 engine and made 20 psi. when I fabricated the wastegate system I also changed the new turbos to .81 A/R. This will create boost with less lag yet max boost will now be controlled. I'm starting with no more than 15 psi until I know the fuel system can properly handle it.


megatherion... I have a thread in Motorsport section about a website with some videos. VIMEO.COM.. search for Turbo Meister.


rusorbust....The plexiglass box worked well and looked cool, but I wanted to try the carb hat idea for a while.


stony...the wastegates enter the downpipe....because I'm such a considerate person and because my Z is all about being a SLEEPER.


Thanks for the interest everyone.


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