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EDIS mounting parts available

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Well I think I finally worked out all the differences in the dampers and have settled on making the adapters fit two groove damper from the AC equipped 75 through 78 280. This is the damper



The outer groove takes the same size belt as the inner groove.



This is not the right damper




I have 6 assemblies available.

This is an assembly



It includes a longer crank bolt and the bolts to attach the sensor mounts.


The price is $175.00 plus shipping.



I also have 2 ford coil brackets that are available for $35.00 each. You have to buy an assembly to buy the bracket. I'm not offering them separately right now.


I'm only shipping to the US as I have to drive the stuff to the post office and stand in line to ship anywhere else. Sorry.


I had to bump the price a little but it's still a pretty good deal to get EDIS on your car quickly.




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That is a great deal. I wish it was available when I did mine. Can you post an installation photos or instructions? It might help some people visualize it on the car.




I'm working on a PDF install sheet as we speak.

I'll update with some install pics soon.



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Since you have to remove your timing plate to mount the sensor I made up blank indicator plates to mount on the left side. $15.00 if you buy a kit.




They're a real pain to make and there's a bit of hand (hammer) work in them so they're not show quality.



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Derek: I am about 99.99% positive my brother wants one of these yesterday. If you could take this post as a reservation, pending confirmation later today, that would be awesome :2thumbs: I would bet he wants the whole kit and kaboodle, but not as certain on that.


I'm already holding one for him. Got to take care of the Florida crew!



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Hi Clive.


If there's enough interest I'll make another run. By interest I mean enough people with serious post counts saying they want one. This economy is so tough on people that it's hard for them to pull the trigger on this kind of stuff anymore. Realistically if 5 people say they want them probably 2 will come through. And that's just the nature of the beast.




Derek, I am guessing after these two....you are done making them?
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I had a chance to meet up with Derek and purchase on of his kits at a local (gainesville, Fl) car show. Great, honest guy to do business with !


I haven't had a chance to install it yet as my car is in epoxy primer/ bondo state of mind.


I can promise you tho that his product is solid and if you are thinking about EDIS, these kits are a no-brainer. Quality workmanship and I get to keep my AC which might not be important for those of you in mild climates, but here in FL it's a MUST with me :flamedevi




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