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LQ4 Turbo 280Z Begins!

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"OK, all I am going to do is pull the motor, install my ARP rod bolts, and clean up some wiring and lines.."


FML, and the things I get myself into.. haha.. spent about 3 hours alone just sanding, grinding, removing spot welded brackets, welding up holes, and I haven't put much of a dent in it. The bomb ass can of camo green is a sign of things to come.. haha.. I figured why not give it a hint of flair underneath the hood. Time to perty it up in there a bit. I have to remove the heads to throw my 317's back on, so I'll be cleaning up and painting the block just black, and taking the acc's to the car wash and beating them clean.















Hopefully I can spend a good chunk of tomorrow trying to get this engine bay smoothed up, rust free'd, and ready for some rattle bomb.

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It's been a really busy past couple days since I decided to clean the engine bay up. It's taken a shitload of time to get it all down to the metal so I could fill some ****, fix some ****, and get rid of some ****.. but it was definitely worth it. I was tired of the ass-black paint I had, so I joined the army! and went with a horrid looking Camo green. Going to do a sort of theme with this, wrinkle black and camo green, should look kinda cool once I get everything back in it, right now it just looks like *******. All in all, the 32 year old engine bay proved to be a mother fucker of a sort - It was Zero fun, Zero.


Got some other goodies in, and confirmation that the real good **** will be here tomorrow morning. Supposed to receive coilovers - camber plates - 2 remaining shocks - and the cage, so tomorrow it's time to start g'ntfd with this project.




V-band ****, along with some ARP flywheel bolts.




And wheel studs, so my lugnuts wont be sticking 3/4" past my studs anymore.. LOL



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I was trying to restrain myself from posting these here, but here goes.










Motor and tranny are not in yet, so the front is still high, but you get the point.. haha.. let the haters hate about the ride height, I think it's sick!



Oh and a BIG THANKS!!! to Roodypoochris for getting these wheels made! They fit PERFECT!




For all that would like to know, I cycled the suspension travel as far as I could, and the tire never hit the flare.

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That stainless crossover setup makes mine look like crap. Mine doesnt have the turbo on, I figure I will drive it without a turbo til I get the urge, then redesign the crossover to put the turbo on. I am in love with your car though. In a week or so, my car is goin under the knife, er, gun.... My bro is gonna start on his Auto Body Final project so he will be replacing the rust panels and paintin it a super secret color. It will be sweet.....

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Hey man, we still need to meet up some time so I can check out the Z in person. Looks like your facility is great to be working on it, speakers in the ceiling and all. You have some really quality work going on there. You do it all by yourself?

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