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just picked up my first v8 240z


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attachment=17993:PICT0043.JPG]Just bought my first 240z with a 302 v8. I sold my first z car a couple months ago and had to get another. I saw an add for a 240z shell on craigslist for 500 ready for a v8. When i got there the car had not a touch of rust, straight body, good paint, perfect dash, and so on. He also has a 302 built engine with under 100 miles on it that he had in the car for a breif time to get it home from the shop after fabricating the mounts, an auto transmission, alum radiator, brand new carb, bunch of stuff... I left with everything for 800$ I want to go with a manual, my first question is do i change the clutch master? and will the cross member be different than what would have been in the car for an automatic? I'm sure ill have more questions along the way, what are the best headers to use?


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Wow that looks to be a series 1 car with the hatch vents and vertical defrosters. What is the build date on it?


I thing you got a awesome deal on an awesome car... congratulation :)


Good eye on that, logan.


What's the VIN on that baby???

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Sorry... Ill get pictures tomorrow... I have the car at home. Im going to college a couple hours away. Ill check the production date. its a '71 and does have the early vents on the deck lid, but it doesnt have the earlier bumpers. Its also not the later heaviest bumpers. 59K on the odometer

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So its coming along great, but I can't quite get the steering collumn to fit past the headers. Could anyone give me and advice? The engine can't go any further back, and I have tried denting the header but it didn't quite give me enough clearance.

post-3462-085597400 1297069559_thumb.jpg

post-3462-013288400 1297069607_thumb.jpg

post-3462-036974300 1297069668_thumb.jpg

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For me the solution was to add additional U-joint to the steering shaft. This also requires an additional constraint to control the motion of the shaft. Here are some old pictures of my car that show the extra universal joint and the rod end used to control the motion.




Here is a picture from below (Again a very old picture). In this picture I have gone to a front plate mid-plate motor mount system so the stock motor mounts are out of the way and there is a lot of room under the engine.




If look back at some of my old posts (circa 2001-2003), I have discussed the important considerations for adding an additional u-joint to the steering shaft. Remember, phasing is important.


Also, looking at your engine position, it looks like you could move it farther back. The back of my driver's side cylinder head is 1" from the firewall, and my harmonic balancer is directly above the rack (1" above). Can you move the engine toward the passenger side at all. My engine is centered left to right, but if I were to do it again I would mount the engine offset 1 to 1.5 inches to the right.







Good luck,


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vin number is 11360. its a 70 sold as a 71. So for all practical purposes its the 70 model. It doesn't have the earlier bumper though obviously. I'm trying to solve a little wiring issue too. I'm sure its very simple but I posted on the v8 website. I would appreciate any advice. I put the wiring diagrams with it and explained what was goin on.

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