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My 240 rb26 build


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Well, here is my RB26 Z car project.


I need a name for her.

Got the car about 2 weeks ago, here is my progress so far. i dont think i have been home before 12am since..


1st thing i did was to put her on a lift and steam clean the hell out of it. boy was she a dirty girl... (no pics of that)


Hopefully this will work. Here is my FlickR album i will be uploading pics too.

Datsun Uploads


Things that are hard to tell:

-Bad Dog frame rails welded in

-Stiched welded front of car, down the rails, and around the mustache bar.

-Got a new front crossmemeber because the one that was in the car had the camber adjusters all welded up, i tried grinding/plasma cutting but it didnt work. (whats 40 bux at this point)...



Notched Passengerside transmission mount



Removing engine



Engine after steam cleaning



Empty engine bay



Timing Covers off engine



Passenger side transmission mount









Tension rod brace











Some toys






After sand blasting i painted it with POR 15, and sanded the engine bay....




R230 Install via TTT mustache bar (high mount option)

(frame uncut)





Fun with my plasma cutter












More Goodies



Fuel lines

1/2 (8AN) feed and return. i plan on running a sump and a surge tank with 2 built in walburo 255s since i have them already.






Sump, Damn i could use a sheetmetal brake....




Por 15 BlackCoat (glossy) no paint booth but oh well...






N1 oil pump modded for external pickup



Tomorrow i will start ripping off the timing stuff. or maybe i will get some sleep. i dont know yet... haha

this is getting in the way of my beer drinking. B)


---damn that was a pain in the ass, i posted all those from flickr and then it said invaild extension so i had to go back and redo it all... ehhhh B)

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Looking like she'll be up and running in no time with all that hard work and dedication... :2thumbs:


BTW, be sure to remove the 8 Phillips head screws and put red loctite on them. They are known for coming loose.




Also, the blue pipe plug... be sure it's not protruding into that oil galley path. I had to trim some length off mine when I did the same mod...

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Looking like she'll be up and running in no time with all that hard work and dedication... :2thumbs:


BTW, be sure to remove the 8 Phillips head screws and put red loctite on them. They are known for coming loose.




Also, the blue pipe plug... be sure it's not protruding into that oil galley path. I had to trim some length off mine when I did the same mod...



ahh crap i put blue loctite on them about 3 hours ago, hope i can get em out...

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I like the chassis mods. Simple, effective. Although strange that so much material was taken out of the tranny post for the speed sensor, I just beat the corner in a little with a small hammer.


Those front addons probably cost as much as my whole engine, will sure look sexy though.


mine was hitting it pretty good i would have to take out at least1/2 inch or so.


oh i also stitch welded the front of the car.


also i will be selling this oil pan if anyone is interested. its one of pats.





Looking great so fat boosted. Keep up the good work.



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Well, today was a lazy day. Just installed the modded N1 oil pump, water pump, cam gears, timing belt and polished up the cam sensor and mouting bracket.

I like how the greddy timing belt has the marks for the dots on the cam gears. that makes things easy, other companies probably do the same....














You can hardly tell the clear cover is on it. haha



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well, got the trans out, clutch its oem :( but usable for a day or two :lol: i think i will save up for a good one. but 1st thing is first, get it running... i will turn the flywheel tomorrow, put in the new rear main seal and order a new bushing that goes in the crank. it was all torn up, hopefully they will have that in stock but i doubt it. Then put her back together.

Does anyone know the where i can get a fork boot from? mines gone. is it same as 300zx?

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yea me too.. well today i welded some on the fuel tank sump. i am going to take a night off. 1st one on a month. i feel bad, but i am completely exhausted... so for tonight its just grand tourismo 5 and some beers. hope to get the fuel tank sump done tomorrow and button up the braided lines for the oil and water feeds for the turbos. then time to pull off the intake manifold. i got one of those fancy ones on the way. got the clutch put back on, flywheel turned and so on. i hate to put in the stock clutch but it looked like it has enough meat on it to last an hour or two. haha i think at this point i would rather get her running. i am debating going AEM ems series 2. it would save me a few hundred bux in sensors if i did it now vs later, not to mention the fab time on the intake stuff... but thats probably gonna have to wait for the tax returns....


anyway... dont hate on the night off :P

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Well, its going slow as hell with the holidays and family in town. Got her all stripped down and the block painted with Por 15 engine enamel. got the water feeds and oil feed braided lines ran, fuel sump finished and primed (not pictured yet), r230 mounted with energy suspension bushings (not pictured and still have to play with alignment seems to be far off to the passenger side) and have the intake side of the block torn down. Waiting on the oil cooler sandwich/thermostat to get here, and trying to figure out what i need to reinstall. i will probably weld up something similar to what stony is running on his coolant lines on the manifold. The stock setup has way to much bullshit.



Thermal Gasket



Manifold Porn




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  • 3 weeks later...

well i was going to drop it in this weekend but i went to bolt up the oil pan only to find out the rear main seal retainer had threads that were stripped... ehhhh brand new rear main seal in there too...damn...anyway parts will be here monday.... had to take off the trans, clutch, flywheel and all that crap...damn..... oh well :blink: i guess this is the 1st hickup so i guess i cant complain, i am sure there were be more to follow...

heres a pic of the GT coolant mod...



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sorting out the vac and water lines now... have some questions if anyone is actually looking at this... I plan on running AEM EMS, but would like to get it running on the stock setup first. i do not have the stock MAF so i am going to try and just get it idling without them on OEM ECU... hopefully run MAP with the ems... all of this is contingent on this damn economy though...


Again i am not using the stock oil cooler, i have one in my custom radiator. i have a greddy take off w/ thermostat for that.










Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Here is some progress pics...


Polished the center cover, welded 12an bungs on valve covers (not pictured), welded -10an bung on the bottom of the intake manifold for the air regulator, bead blasted steering rack, rebuilt with new rods and boots, installed the ACZ lower control arms i had on my tube chassis 280z, ran all the plumbing, bent the front oil drain lines so they would fit, and so much more i cant even type now im so tried ;) ... next up fuel lines, and modify this intake manifold so it will clear the fender. i could wack it with a hammer one time on the fender but i think i will take a band saw and cut the manifold 1/2 way though and bend it out then weld it up.












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