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  1. madkaw

    MEGASquirt coil on plug.

    Doesn’t it say right on that paper ? Where did you buy this from? It’s obvious someone has set this all up for you , why would you call them? Looks like it’s set up for batch fire and the paper tells you what driver pins to use . Megasquirt manual does a pretty decent job of describing how to wire this in. Is this what your asking?
  2. madkaw

    Dyno'd my stock L28ET today - coolant everywhere!

    My Spartan numbers don’t match between gauge and TS . We need to do another session.
  3. madkaw

    86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

    Always appreciated your input. Sorry for your loss
  4. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Though the correction curve might be off, this engine ran well and I hadn’t changed anything in that category. Now maybe my battery voltage was making a situation worse. Also could be unrelated like you said, and as I mentioned I didn’t like the easy the TPS was acting. Giving my back a break until new TPS gets in. Maybe get a session in next week
  5. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Well this'll be the next step and progression for my Z, so I thought I would start a thread talking about my MS 3X install. My intentions are to have MS 3X run my ignition on my triple Mikuni carbs for now. Eventually I will go fuel injected but now I'm working on putting a plenum together. I have been studying the mega manual on a daily basis trying to figure out how I'm going to do my initial wiring. I do have a few questions if anybody can answer them about the wiring. As far as the wiring for the fuse box on the main plug. The example schematic shows the coil on just one fuse; with a COP coils would you still have it on just one fuse? The schematic also shows splitting the injectors between two fuses -will that work for our engine? I plan on running wasted spark -coil on plug ignition, so I do I will wire the injectors like I do with sequential and use the software formatting to make it wasted spark?
  6. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Yes- I didn’t like what I was seeing as far as volts on my TS, so that’s what prompted me to check the alternator. Once the belt was tightened up a bit , it did seem better. I was see 12+ volts before - now more than 13+. Running an Optima battery, which I had issues with the previous Optima. I am kind of skeptical of this battery.
  7. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Well my engine starting running like poop, and I blamed it all on the IAC. But I hated it it anyway, so I decided to go back to the old AAR valve. I had one laying around from a 82 intake I had. Really don’t think it was/ is the issue , since with the IAC deleted, it still runs like poop. Engine was surging slightly with AFR swings of a couple of points . Small popping out the tail pipe at times. I did notice that as I increased throttle input that the TPS reading was not reflecting this. I ordered a new TPS, but not really sure my tests of the TPS proved anything . It is getting 5v’s. Ohm tests I found on line did not correlate to what I found. I was at .4k ohms - 14k ohms. I read it should be 2k-10k. Since the TPS is for a 240sx, not sure it makes a big difference with using MS3. Not sure what else to look at. I closed off all vacuum sources. Plugs look decent. All plugs are firing ,timing checked. All Tuner Studio reading seems normal EXCEPT, AFR mismatch of my Spartan 14/7 . I am reading 1 point less on my wideband gauge vs. the TS gauge. Also found that that my alternator belt loose and the battery was not getting charged to peak performance. At at this point I am waiting on the new TPS to see what it does. Id take any ideas
  8. madkaw

    Dyno'd my stock L28ET today - coolant everywhere!

    If course I think my 14/7 is going out also, so not sure what’s the best, As far as the dyno numbers, good baseline to start with. At least you did this so you can relate numbers to Butt dyno.
  9. madkaw

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    Thanks for the reply . So the chrome antenna stem is rusty? I don’t care about any other parts. The problem is finding the correct antenna stem diameter to repair an older antenna . Plus the antenna stem is made in a specific way to be motorized .
  10. madkaw

    71 240z antenna parts needed.

    Im just looking for a antenna that’s not broke. I have a good motor , but the antenna is snapped off. I’d pay for shipping for one , hell , I’ll buy you Starbucks 😁
  11. Be careful of the vacuum advance - could cause too much timing
  12. I’d say your timing is impeccable with the soaring popularity of these cars -ride the 🌊
  13. So are you planning on doing any of your engine work or just contracting that out? Displacement and rpms are king with NA, so most move on from the L24 unless restricted by rules of racing or something . Or your like me and you what to learn and practice on your 24 before you spend bigger money on a 28! I am currently building a L28 and have a stroker by Rebello in the works. Hopefully I make most of my mistakes on the 24 before I get to the 3.2
  14. madkaw

    New Member! 73 240z Project Car

    Like I replied on your other post, CZCC is a good site for resto stuff also!
  15. Don’t over look that L24 for a fun ride. Glad to hear others are staying true to Nissan NA ! Though Hybridz is an excellent site, don’t overlook CZCC. come up with a proposal of your specific build and guys here will help tweak it. As far a relativity , my L24 stays keeps my car just ahead of my sons BRZ, so 50 more HP should be real fun.
  16. Then there’s the theory of relativity ! How much HP do you have now at the rear wheels ? Have you ridden in a 250 HP Datsun? How did you come up with your desired numbers ? Have you ridden in a 150 RWHP 240z with some good gearing ? Striving for goals that are just numbers with out relativity ? My car is dyno’d 155 at the rear wheels. Is it fast -not really - compared to today’s numbers. Quick and fun - yes by any standard.
  17. I think you measured right for coil overs . They buy you a lot more room inside . I run 17x8.5 +4 and wish it was +10. That would have allowed 245’s on the rear with stock springs. +4 was really close on the front perch, so I actually flattened that side of perch slightly. Coil overs would have been no problem. I am currently running 225/45/17
  18. madkaw

    SCCA ITS built L engines?

    Good thing TonyD doesn’t get on here much anymore or you would get schooled on this. I believe I’ve read 208 hp on an ITS motor in its day, but I could be wrong . Voodoo and secrets that builders won’t ever give away. I believe in the rules there’s allowances for removing metal in certain places - head ! CR would be for race guess I’m guessing . Hell- maybe I’m talking out my ass
  19. I’d do it! Just put them back in same order and plastigage . Of course clean and inspect them. If everything spins freely your good
  20. madkaw

    L24 build, I need help!

    car-part.com used car part market . I saw a bunch in your area all day for 150$ Lots of them around . Cheaper and the Z guys don’t think about them You can’t open the ports as much as the earlier heads, but your just filling L24 bores so ...
  21. madkaw

    L24 build, I need help!

    I’d say shoot for the most you can without forged slugs . The most CR with pump gas and the most cam that’s makes sense with cast pistons . Im anxious to do these pistons I have , but alas the next engine will be the L28. Time to move on from the 24, but I do love this motor. I’ve beat on it A LOT,and she keeps giving !
  22. madkaw

    L24 build, I need help!

    Welding chambers is for seasoned veterans I think, but doable. You could shop for a maxima cylinder head which already has small heart shaped chambers . They would also be cheaper to obtain. I’d do a budget build first to experienced on these motors . Your not going to get a lot of knowledgeable help easily . Do a regrind for your cam. Cheap and reliable. I’d do a drilled cam and ditch the spray bar . Bottom ends are about bullet proof, so don’t spend a lot of money there.
  23. madkaw

    L24 build, I need help!

    Search is your friend. I have a set of 86mm pistons on L24 rods available if you really want to punch it out. You have a sonic tester available ? Go big or go home on the cam . Later versions of the E88 aren’t the best combustion chamber , but maybe learn to weld close those chambers ? Running 490/290 and still very street friendly. Youll be limited on rpms with cast pistons , but still get 7k plus. Bump compression for sure. My e88 is shaved .050 to get some more compression . Lots of of ways to get power, but spend the time and money on that head, or find a different head with a better combustion chamber
  24. madkaw

    L24 block question

    Stock HG should be fine