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  1. madkaw

    New Valves?

    Bad results with my SI valves . OEM valves are good
  2. madkaw

    280 duration cam 0.480" lift vs 0.540" lift

    Did you ever measure piston valve clearance with your combo Leon?
  3. madkaw

    240Z ITB Install

    OER sells some ITB’s that look like carbs- very nice . They make them in various sizes . As far as programmable EFI - Megasquirt pro might be overkill .
  4. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    I don’t know if I’m the one to say the stepper is hard to set up since I am not as systematic as others, but I don’t think it’s user friendly and there are many variables to figure out. Like how many steps is your specific stepper and what’s is the best method of power to use( always on, only moving) , etc... Then the cranking steps , polarity, and just general idle tune to complicate matters. Hopefully I will be posting up a successful tune to help others - after the Richard eye balls my tune to make sure something isn’t crazy. It is nice when it works !
  5. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Well this'll be the next step and progression for my Z, so I thought I would start a thread talking about my MS 3X install. My intentions are to have MS 3X run my ignition on my triple Mikuni carbs for now. Eventually I will go fuel injected but now I'm working on putting a plenum together. I have been studying the mega manual on a daily basis trying to figure out how I'm going to do my initial wiring. I do have a few questions if anybody can answer them about the wiring. As far as the wiring for the fuse box on the main plug. The example schematic shows the coil on just one fuse; with a COP coils would you still have it on just one fuse? The schematic also shows splitting the injectors between two fuses -will that work for our engine? I plan on running wasted spark -coil on plug ignition, so I do I will wire the injectors like I do with sequential and use the software formatting to make it wasted spark?
  6. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Maybe- just maybe - I have this IAC in tune . I’m not ready to share yet since I have a few cold starts to do. This has been a ball buster and I should have been more methodical . The AAR valve was looking better all the time. Next week on vacation will be many test runs .
  7. madkaw

    Another clunk post - ugh

    Checked out the CV’s . For sure there’s probably 5 degrees of slop in the CV just like others said on the 510 site. These issues are hard to compare with others because describing noises doesn’t cut it. For me - the sound is more of a thud then a clunk. There’s no metallic sound . You can feel ,as well as hear the noise in the chassis. If there’s something moving like the diff in the moustache bar I can’t see it while under the car . I do drive my car very hard and slam gears , so it’s possible something is loose or the CV’s are getting more play . Next I will remove nuts from the diff /moustache bar and see if the hole are in good shape. I will check torque before hand. Also going to check gland nuts on struts . Moustache mounting points. Also will confirm that the grease is seeping out off the boots . Like a mist of grease covering the adapters and boots. I do run the straws in the boots for them to breathe .
  8. madkaw

    Another clunk post - ugh

    2006 STI diff 3:90 gears - clutch type custom made aluminum DS FUTOFAB CV axles new front diff mount RT upper GM style mount It seems to be excessive drivetrain slop causing a clunk based on how the clutch is released. The excess can be seen and felt by hand when rotating DS by hand while in gear. It seems the slop causes the driveline to clunk when engaging torque . Easily duplicated when cruising at low speeds and engaging clutch in a higher gear (4th). I have had someone duplicate this in the garage with front wheels chocked as they let out clutch rapidly in 2 gear and I have watched for any movement - I see none. Harmless slop or diff worn out ? The only other noise I get from the diff is a bit of a chatter when pulling into my garage ( uphill ) at slow speed. I can hammer the gears in WOT and hear nothing .
  9. madkaw

    Another clunk post - ugh

    Wow-900$ for junk
  10. I think your a little confused on what’s being done here. The valve likes to have room to breathe all the way around the valve. Obviously close to the cylinder wall side is where there’s not much room. So no it’s not ballsy to clearance close to the fire ring if done right. Your exhaust valve side needs work in the green arrow area of your first pic. I’d follow the radius of the valve all the way to the fire ring ( or very close). Make sure you have your head dowels in place holding the HG where it will sit when installed. Do not take any material away from other areas UNLESS you need to adjust your CR by gaining CC’s. That’s probably what Brapp was doing with a small chamber head. Smoothing edges is great but you don’t usually remove much material.
  11. There’s material that could be removed ! Not sure what you were expecting to find but that exhaust could use some work for sure
  12. Okay - I can’t let you slide on this one. you think you had to point out what was exhaust side and what was intake -lol
  13. Did you try moving / adjusting dizzy to different positions while starting ? Maybe timing is pretty far off . Lining up the oil pump has to been done accurately . That 11:25 o’clock position can be tricky to eyeball and it wouldn’t take much to be a tooth off. Double and triple check firing order. Whats it doing when you try and start ? Spitting , coughing , nothing ? Try squirting starter fluid in while cranking ?
  14. Did you align the cam TDC COMPRESSION STROKE!
  15. madkaw

    Z Car Depot Fast EFI

    I’d help you out but your still 4 hours away , plus I think I forgot how to work on carbs now :0 now if you go Megasquirt I’ll set you up !! Youll need to sell off the Weber’s to pay for EFI , but won’t regret it
  16. You will have to pull the dash
  17. madkaw

    Need Rear Right Valance 240z-280z

    I’ll repeat what I said on FB - that panel is worth saving
  18. madkaw

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    No current dyno runs. With SU’s I did 155 with my L24 . I plan on taking my current set up to the dyno- but other than EFI , no changes , so I think similar results .
  19. madkaw

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My 490 ISKY pulls hard to 7000, but I can’t be specific about the cam timing . My head is shaved over 50 thou without using shims and have my cam advanced 8 degrees. I didn’t degree after the last 20 thou shave , but with 30 thou cut the cam almost cam in too late . The other factor was I went from triples to n42 injection ( Megasquirt) . If that graph was accurate then it would seem that it wouldn’t be as user friendly on the street at low rpms. My ISKY just puts along at 1500 rom in fourth around town without a jug
  20. madkaw

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My understanding from Steve Bonk- who sells these - if I understood him , was that the shorter duration helped with clearance issues even with its high lift . But don’t quote on me on this
  21. madkaw

    Wako 75S cam

    Duration 315?
  22. madkaw

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    I thought the DP cam had a shorter duration which in turn would not be making power later than the Isky- but I’m guessing here. So the higher lift is killing the low end?
  23. 35$ hall sensor , DIY flywheel drilling- out of sight
  24. madkaw

    Fuel tank vent / Evap tank / EFI question

    Then the valve was defective if I understand the way it works correctly. And I believe the vent line goes to the valve - not the crank breather tube. Valid point about vent line being higher than tank for sure .
  25. madkaw

    Fuel tank vent / Evap tank / EFI question

    Actually - the way that valve works there is no direct air route from the PCV to the tank. What opens the vent valve is pressure build up from the tank. You can test the valve by trying to suck air thru it.