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  1. They're considered to be some of the best you can get. Had a set in my 180SX and they were amazing.
  2. Looks like it's a complete spindle replacement, so no welding. Video:
  3. It's probably due to the cat hump in the trans tunnel on all the later model Z's. Mine is a 77 so I'll likely be bashing away at the hump or cutting it out.
  4. Nice. I'm 6'3" and a novice welder as well. I'm probably going to try and cram a pair of Corbeau Evolution X seats in my car. My logic is they were designed to go in Corvettes, and Corvette seats fit in our cars. Nice progress though. I finally finished building my engine so now it's time to put it in the bare chassis and start wiring.
  5. These guys are my usual go to when looking for conversion fittings. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/advcat.asp?CategoryID=PLUMBING
  6. 2jz Megasquirt help

    Honestly I'd look at the flow rate of your turbo and get injectors to match. Each lb/min of flow = 12cc of injector (16cc for e85). This is the easy way to do it. Example: 60lb/min of airflow capable turbo. 60x12cc = 720cc injectors 60x16cc = 960cc injectors (e85)
  7. I'm in a similar boat and have been researching the final drive options available. I've got a abs R200 vlsd from my 180sx and an open R200 diff. I've also got a helical from an S15 Silvia sitting here as well, and can swap it into either one. Honestly, I wouldn't worry that much about 6th gear, the other 5 (well, 1-3 and 5, 4th is always 1.00) are the important ones. If you've got one of the transmissions with a 2.66 first and 1.78 second I'd use the 4.6 final.
  8. CD009 to RB25DET S30 Swap Q's

    I've done it to a SR20, which is the same process. You'll mill the bellhousing down about .375-.5 inches to account for the adapter plate. Then you'll use whatever RB25 clutch you want since input shaft splines are the same across both cars. The tricky part is the throw out bearing. Nissan's are very similar in the diameter of the bearing but tob lengths vary widely. The best place for specific answers would be Collins, as he offers the best kits for this swap. Good luck.
  9. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Finished the engine. Taking the AC compressor back off and will revisit AC after the car is more complete.
  10. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    So during a friendly basketball game some genius decided to get nut to butt against me as I jumped up for a rebound. Landed partially on his foot causing mine to roll and break my ankle. Good times. I've managed to finish getting the vvti line done, and started working on spark plug wires. Doing all of this with my knee resting on a chair makes this a slow process though. Checked the fit with the AC compressor and it's good to go.
  11. 2jz Megasquirt help

    This. There are quite a few sensor/injector/coil options out there that can widely swing the harness cost. Side question for you though Seattlejester. If you're coming from a 7MGTE, why not use it's CPS in your 2JZ to get away from batch fire?
  12. TIG welder recommendation

    I've been using my AHP alpha Tig for almost two years now, it's been a great unit for $600.
  13. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    I didn't like paying for them. At a little over $65 a piece it sucked. However they are strong and very reliable. I've used them on my SR20 a long time ago and they were great. The only thing I've seen with Audi coils was while I had a large Audi dealer on my route when I slung tools for Snap-on. Tons of cars were in there with dead coils.
  14. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    That's cheap for 6 coils. Are they smart coils or do you need an ignitor? I saw enough about the cracked coil issue I just went with IGN1A's. Not having a coil pack cover for my head also helped since the bracket to mount them replaces the cover and it was cheaper.
  15. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Those were actually the included bolts with the spacer. They were the right length so I went with them out of convenience more than anything.