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  1. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Yeah, and a strong love hate relationship with it. If this motor dies it's getting a 2JZ.
  2. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I can confirm it's 1/8npt on a S366SXE.
  3. Exposed's 1jz Build

    5/8 stainless hardline from catch can to exhaust scavenging bung and no worries about melting stuff. But I think by the time heat traveled from the bung to the AN fitting it wouldn't be enough to melt the SS braided hose.
  4. Exposed's 1jz Build

    With the flow, the kits will protrude into the exhaust stream, if you Google exhaust scavenge kit you'll see images that do a better job of explaining it. Vibrant performance makes such a kit, part number 1189. In theory given the lack of movement and distance from the valve cover you could connect the kit with stainless hardline if you were worried about melting stuff.
  5. Exposed's 1jz Build

    You'll also want more of a filter on the end of the turbo inlet, that resistance offered by the filler is what generates vacuum for the catch can. Now if your plan is to run a 'filter' like you linked above, you can connect a 1-way check valve to the exhaust at a 45 degree angle and connect the catch can to that. Just don't run a catalytic converter if you do.
  6. To bore or not to bore

    Without any way of knowing how deep that scratch was it'll be hard to give you a solid direction. If it was barely worn, then knocking off the glaze on the cylinder walls and run a new set of moly rings is a good way to go. But if that scratch was more than .005" down, you'll likely be running a pretty loose piston to wall clearance. When it comes to the bottom end though, that's the foundation of the motor, and like building a house, you don't want to cut corners and start with a crappy foundation.
  7. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Probably floor mounts, the TR6060 has provisions for the trans mount pretty far back, pretty much right under the opening for the shifter. Here's an older pic with the Ford bellhousing (it's shorter now by about 1.25"). You can see the mount provisions next to the shifter.
  8. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    So round two started this weekend. I wanted to see how much of the trans mount ears would need to be trimmed off the car. The simple answer is all of it. The TR6060 is a lot larger in that area. For anyone wondering about firewall clearance, there's tons of space.
  9. Who has a custom fuel cell?

    If you call the shop that makes that cell (Z-Fever in Tampa) you can get info on other versions of that cell. He makes one that you can use without the spare tire well (more capacity).
  10. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Well radiator stuff is done. Converted everything to -24AN after getting a free set of BMRS radiator hoses from a NASCAR team. -24 bungs are pretty cheap ($15ish each), -24 fittings, not so much. Going to finish my engine mount modification and fuel system next.
  11. Exposed's 1jz Build

    It'll likely be okay, but long term I've seen SS lines leak because the hose on the inside got brittle and cracked. DEI makes a slip over heat sleeve. I think they're about $25 for 3ft.
  12. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Yeah, 2.5L here, but I have VVTI and a head that should still flow well enough for trips into 8500-9000rpm territory. Should produce a decent power band, and will be fun even off boost compared to the stock motor.
  13. Tuning VVT-i with megasquirt II

    I think VVTI control would require a MS3 box based on the feature list on their website.
  14. 2jzge throttle body

    So there's secret option 350Z that exists. However you didn't list or I'm retarded and didn't read what engine management you're going with, that will help determine what direction to go in. If you're going aftermarket ffim then I'd say look at getting an aluminum throttle body spacer and weld it on. I'm using a 350Z 70mm TB and 350Z pedal. Spacer, TB and pedal cost me $90 total.
  15. Exposed's 1jz Build

    That's the turbo I wanted to go with (or EFR8374). Couldn't pass up the S364sxe deal, but it's going to be a laggy bastard.