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  1. Geno750

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Greddy large runner manifold from their T88 turbo kit. I cut the 4 bolt wastegate flange off and welded a 50mm v-band on it.
  2. Geno750

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    More progress on this stupid gear box. Finally found a shop that can help, they're quite unsurprisingly in Australia. They hooked me up with an input shaft which I'll have in my hands sometime next week. Also, after more comparing, my tail housing, per Tick Performance, is one they've never seen before, but all the castings on the Magnum when it comes to where stuff goes, lines up with what I've got. The only exception being the shifter rail, due to the better for me shifter placement. The TUET7270C gear box has an almost identical mainshaft, it's a tad under 20mm longer. Which matters not one bit, because you need a custom driveshaft when using one of these in a Datsun anyway. Here's a better set of pictures explaining why I think OverkillZ's picking up the late John C's mount is helpful. I'm running an almost bigboy turbo, and you can see the issues I'll run into as I start the downpipe and inlet for the turbo. The motor needs to lean towards the driver side if it's going to lean at all, and needs to shift more towards the driver's side.
  3. Geno750

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    When these guys were first starting to offer a kit they sold a few plates on their own - https://www.inductionperformance.com/products/induction-performance-ign1a-coil-kit I had to source my own coils, hardware to mount the plate to the valve covers, and my own spark plug wires.
  4. Geno750

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    I ran into it on a different engine. Bought a hks DLI and that solved it. For these cars though it could be due to cracks in the boot on the coil, or just an old worn out coil. Could also be too much spark plug gap. If it's none of the above and you're shopping for coils there are a ton of aftermarket solutions for people on stand alone ecu's. Everything from R35 GTR coils to GM truck coils, even Mercury Marine coils have been used on these motors.
  5. Geno750

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    I'm on a 1JZ block, but the way I have the WG done there's ample space there. I need to move the motor towards the driver side for more compressor housing space, it's very close to the shock tower, making the inlet pipe clearance a bit of a problem.
  6. Geno750

    1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    So I've been doing more work on the drivetrain end of things and this Ford falcon transmission is more of an oddball than I thought. It uses a Magnum XL tail housing to allow for direct shifts and places the shifter further back than you'd want in our cars. Solution, buy a $250 take off from a T56 Magnum and swap it over. Only, life isn't that easy, you also need a main shaft too, and that's another $300. Good news is I'm still under $2k. Bad news is I get to swap main shafts on a transmission I've never worked on before.
  7. You mentioned the rear conversion you did in another thread, got pictures?
  8. Geno750

    Measurements for CD009 and R154 and trans tunnel

    Moving the giant pig of an engine we have that far forward to facilitate easier shifter location will be at the detriment to handling. You want the motor as far back as possible.
  9. IIRC, these use the newer version of the mk4 Supra mounts. Not just any mount will work correctly. Is this accurate?
  10. Geno750

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    I've driven a car with the endurance disc and unless you need the extra torque holding ability, I'd go for the full faced disc. It'll do better in traffic.
  11. Geno750

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Yeah, that means you'll be stuck with single plate 350Z clutch discs. This would probably be the one I went with: NSK1000-SS-O. It's good for about 550ft/lb of torque.
  12. Geno750

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Which version of the kit, if it's the one that runs a J1/J2 Bell housing you've got good options. If you have the older kit that requires the custom flywheel it's more limiting.
  13. Geno750

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Sell both systems, get a TR6060. That's what I ended up doing. Stronger, more shifter and part options, way more clutch options.
  14. Geno750

    Tig Help

    I'm using a 3/32 tungsten. I haven't really welded anything really thick yet so I can't say. I'd imagine thicker stuff is easier with the right settings. I think I did that piece at 60 amps
  15. Geno750

    Tig Help

    Fwiw, here's one of mine.