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  1. 2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    Didn't see the need to cap the end off the back, maybe you can't see it but there a block welded to the subframe that drops down and welded to the top of the bar... the front is angle cut and hammered up so it's wedge shaped...I have heard the same about stainless welded to steel but we Did use stainless wire ,primed and seem sealed it and it's been good for 10yrs. I'm always under the car doing things and would see if there was issue...its what we came up with for frame ties and I'm happy with them. Every time the car has been dynoed they use them for strapping the car down even.
  2. 2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    i have a s130 which is always different than the older z's but i made my own frame ties by welding stainless 1x3 to the bottom of the frame rails. welded one end to the front main engine bay frame rail and connected them to the rear subframe. i have been beating on the car with a LS swap for 10yrs and they held the car nice and straight.
  3. i have a r-200 from a 280zxt with 3.54 gears and quaife internals, z31 turbo half shafts and custom stub axles. i wouldnt change a thing. its in a 280zx with a LS motor with 405whp. i have been beating on the rear end for 10yrs now with a LS motor and 6-speed. i dont know what car your doing but if its a s30 then it worries me about the 4.08 gears. im sure its not a s-130 cause there isnt too many of us odd balls out there. but with mine i dont have as many options but im completely happy. i think with the horsepower your planning you will be fine with most options, just make sure its limited slip. if your doing stick shift car then your first concern will be half shafts and stub axles. im not a pro like some people on here so there may be someone wiser than me out there. good luck
  4. WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

    what year? im sure its not a s130 but figured id ask
  5. amazing car in every part of it!!! what color is that?
  6. Blue Beast

    Thank you. Not too many s130's done to that level. Good too see
  7. Finally sprayed my Z

    very cool, thank you for the info. good luck getting the rest of the car finished. i heard those holley sniper FI kits are very nice.
  8. Finally sprayed my Z

    Looks great!!! Great choice in color. How did you come to choose orange for a base coat? Was the kandy base coat difficult to work with, did you notice it gets darker the more coats you put down like a true kandy? I'm doing a similar color with the same kandy base coat line. Would appreciate anything you learned about using it. Looks like you did real good
  9. 280z rear stub axels

    Yup, I was wrong...
  10. 280z rear stub axels

    I'm probably wrong...it's happened before....I'll count them when I get home
  11. 280z rear stub axels

    those look just like my 280zx ones. they are 27spline also. msg me what they are worth to you. i dont know what to ask for them. i bought them with 280zxt companion flanges which i have also
  12. Rear spoiler for S130(280ZX Coupe)

    $140 shipped aslong as shipping doesnt run me more than $50. i dont think it would be more than that but i just want to mention that incase it does cost more..it is painted black now, there is a lil scuff on a corner that i will send u a pic of if your still interested? let me know
  13. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    great story!!! one thing i know about the z community is we will throw are cars in any situation because we know how to fix em. thumbs up for using your car even were it doesn't belong...
  14. Rear spoiler for S130(280ZX Coupe)

    i have this one i would sell, not sure what shipping would be but i can tell you all the body work is done on it.
  15. ZX Weatherstripping Supplier Found

    I will certainly be keeping my eye open for this moving forward. .my 83 zx t-top car will be in need of door and t-top weather stripping...thank you for the research and update....maybe if all us s130 guys make phone calls, things will make progress. I know I've made numerous calls myself
  16. 280ZX "shakotan style"

    looking good. now you gotta get some spray tint and black out the blinkers. unless you have good mental brakes and are able to stop at some point. my brakes are horrible, i never know how to stop.
  17. 280ZX Stainless Trim B Pillar - $50 shipped

    if i didnt already have a couple sets id be jumping on this. no one better try offering less. great deal and free shipping. (just sayin)
  18. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    Wow newzed, relax man.. .I've been following this for a whIle cause I've had similar issues before. I don't see what your big stink is all about. I'm sure if he wasn't communicating properly then calling them and complaining, DSS would tell him they have done all they can. Instead of apologizing and wanting to fix it "again"....just saying I think trackzpeed seems knowledgeable. Not like he has ever asked if it was hard to make a z all-wheel drive? 🙄
  19. I don't know Joe personally but I would for sure give him a chance. He is all about the datsun community...Whitehead is OK but I mentioned before that I had problems waiting 8 months for my stub axles from them. They just kept giving me excuses every week.
  20. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    It's amazing what a horrible experience your having with them. They have been around for so long you wouldnt think they would be that unprofessional. ...very good luck with this fitment, they better last a lifetime
  21. Finally sprayed my Z

    i cant wait to see some pics outside. looks amazing as is
  22. New topstage z kit

    all looks very good. i wasnt thinking of full replacement quarters, fender, and even doors. i thought it might be smaller flares that get grafted on to existing fenders and quarters. im no expert, i know see $1500 aint getting you squat. you might wanna start a new thread on these, your kinda on a thread meant for someone else's parts, just saying. dont bother me any though
  23. New topstage z kit

    i could see it being affordable at $1500 for the pieces. that might be low for the guy making them, but that is my guess what people would pay.
  24. J2z swap in 280zx

    just remember that the 280zx (s130) is a different platform than any other Z. so if you see something made for a 280z, it probably doesn't fit your car. but good luck, its still a great car to start with.
  25. anybody know what material and finish is on the exterior trim of 280zx's (s130)? mainly the windshield and rear hatch window. im going to have all the trim powder coated but if it is chrome i have to have it stripped. i cant even tell if its steel or stainless for sure. my guess is its polished stainless but im not good when it comes to guessing. hoping someone has had experience with this. thank you for any help.