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  1. G-Tech

    Midwest Barn find 76 280z

    sorry to go off topic but what the heck is with the Mercedes?!?!?! that thing is awesome!!!
  2. the 280zx doesn't seem to get any attention from parts manufactures when it comes to LS swaps. it took a lot of work to get mine done and I know who ever else has it done had to do the same. im just curious to see how many are out there and id love to see the different things people have done to get past certain road blocks such as mounts and headers. I know I had a lot of issues with mounts and oil pans and especially headers. if I can help with any issues I am more than happy to share my build. I modified JTR motor and trans mounts for a SBC to work with my LS. I used a stupid expensive oil pan from canton to get the motor low enuff. it has a very shallow front sump to clear the pwr steering rack. headers I originally used a manifold on driver side and block hugger on pass. side. now I have Billy Boat shorty headers for a c5 that I still had to modify. again, please post yours. how many of us are there?
  3. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    Headlight cover are just regular tinted ones. Tires were stock size. You can go lil more offset. I have 17x8 0-offset on the rear now with 235's. Stock 14's are only 6" wide, I wouldn't go more then a 225 but I've seen people do things I wouldn't
  4. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    this was mine with the 1" lower springs. way,way,way back
  5. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    yes they are the best place to buy them from. if you spend some time looking, you might find them cheaper but msa is the best if you just wanna make sure your getting the right thing. before you buy inner tie rods, look into what it takes to change that. i just did outers. and dont bother with wheel bearings unless they are bad. if you ever do front brake rotors, you will have to change them then and doing the rear wheel bearings involve pulling the stub-axles out. the pic looks like what you should end up with with eibach coils. there is only 1" drop coils for sale and thats it, anything more and your getting into coilovers.
  6. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    i believe you can keep stock struts. id call and ask 1st. most people like i did get a set of tokico shocks and struts. the front is a bit interesting, the strut casing and spindle is 1 unit. if your shocks have never been replaced in the front, then you actually gut the strut casing and slide a new shock in the tube. not a bad job, just strange. yeah, poly bushings are a nice upgrade. makes things a lil stiffer but it will handle better. while your at it, replace balljoints and tie rod ends. if wheel bearings are not making noise then you can skip that but that would be about all thats left to say you rebuilt the whole bottom end of the car. not sure on sway bar dia., got rid of my stock one long time ago. id call motorsport auto about using the stock strut and shocks and see what they know about the sway bar. they are not the cheapest place usually but they have lots of info. and yes, that motor is simply to blow air onto the intake, funny huh...im guessing they had a reason...
  7. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    eibach makes a 1" lowering spring. that would be the "right way" and the most affordable. i ran them before, good quality.
  8. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    its a couple years old but doesnt look good. looks like what i went threw with showcars.com in canada
  9. G-Tech

    Brake Line Locks

    I am doing the same thing with the electric line lock but using it to lock out the rear brakes. To keep a cleaner engine compartment..plus it would feel weird not using my foot on the brake pedal when doing a burnout... But dont forget to release it when your done or you wont have rear brakes when you get to the end of the track...
  10. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    Wow!!! Very cool. It's fun to have a family tie to a car...that's how mine is too...how much more you have to go to fire it up? Kinda wish I kept my motor swap in the nissan family. Just felt it was gonna be cheaper to do a LS motor. Not sure that is true when all is said and done. Looks awsome!!!
  11. G-Tech


    From the album: 280zx customization

  12. G-Tech

    new phone 100.jpg

    From the album: 280zx customization

  13. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    i noticed yesterday on another thread that "miles" had pointed out a shop called Z fever (or now called fever racing) that has done swaps for the s130. i checked out their website today and found that they may have something to offer for swapping a LS into a 280zx. not sure exactly what but for those trying to get the swap done, that is another resource to contact. if someone calls them, please post results here.
  14. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    tire rack and carid have some. cheapest i see is $100 each. just when your searching, put in the car info so it will tell you if they fit or not. you need to be concearned with center bore diameter also if you are just searching without putting in year/make and model. try ebay too. if you check ebay, make sure you dont get something that needs adapters. you dont want to get into them if your gonna do any racing. when you put in make and model of your car (im sure you know) your car is a datsun and/or a nissan. so if you dont see datsun, then put in nissan.
  15. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    no, they are 5 lug. you have 4. 114.3 is correct and everything else was fine
  16. G-Tech

    350z internals into a 280zx

    i only know from beeing a 280zx owner that very very little things can switch over from a s30 chassis to a s130 (280zx). i know for v8 swap motor mounts there is different ones for each chassis. if you have good fab skills you could probably make it work but you might be better off with something universal and make your own. like miles said, keep searching here and just google in general and see what you can find. the 280zx is the odd ball chassis and not much is gonna be easy. if you have fab skills like welding mainly, i would say get the motor sitting in the car and see what you can do from there
  17. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    Good to see another one completed...its not an easy task for the s130 chassis...if you ever wanted to do the headers a different way you could get a blockhugger header for the pass side and a manifold style that exits towards the firewall for the driver side..that's what I did for years. If you do go turbo then what u have is good. I think at times doing what everyone else is doing by adding a turbo but then I go for a rip and realize that I have absolutely no need for more power. Nice to see another option for the oil pan. That is definitely another major stepping stone for this swap in the 280zx. I did the same engine mount combo. Good job, dare to be different!!!
  18. G-Tech

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Funny, watching your video cause I'm going threw the same struggles like sanding, then sanding, then sanding, etc..and missing the fact that u wont get the edge of the cowl painted when the car is assembled, and just having to deal with it...its real life struggles your having... I'm frustrated with sanding and there might be a thing or 2 that are not perfect but watching your videos make me relieved I'm not the only one....great job!!!! Bought couple of your shirts(one for me and one for the wife) to try to do my part to support the cause....
  19. G-Tech

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    What year car ? You cant tell what its held up on?
  20. now that black dragon is gone, where do we find OEM parts ? i know the other usuals like motorsport auto (over priced stuff), ebay or just auto part stores. but black dragon was good for like ignition switches or body panels etc.. is there somewhere else, where did all black dragon stuff go? for the record, i have an 83 280zx so alot of places may have 240,260, even 280z stuff but the 280zx parts are harder to find. thanks for any help
  21. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    im no expert but i have looked at altering or making new trailing arms for my zx and it doesn't seem so straight forward. they are a semi-trailing arm, they are not just 90deg to the wheel, they are mounted on an angle. i wanted to do something because the wheel pulls forward when the car squats. and the zx's like to squat. i have 17x8 with 0-offset with 235/45 tires and i had to clearance the front of the wheel well lip. it was actually hitting the front of the wheel well. i have a 400whp LS motor in it but i also have 380lb springs in the rear and the car comes stock with 125lb springs. you can put like eibach springs in it but its still gonna squat pretty good even with a stock motor. i want to eventually figure out how to move the mounting point for the semi-trailing arm back more. you can play with the offsets and run inward more. i have lots of room to the inside left over but my opinion (again im no expert) but with a car that squats alot, once it does, and you have some crazy offset wheel, the tire is not gonna stay flat on the road and you will just end up riding on the inside edge. so i stuck with 0-offset cause thats what the car was designed for. and i get lots of traction. ive road coarsed it and i go to the dragstrip alot and i am very happy with it. even when i had a stock v8 in it and was still running the 14x6's the car hooked pretty good. the zx's get lots of traction as is. im not saying something different cant be done or that it would be wrong so do whatever you can do. i see that there is others with the wider tires but id be curious if they rub when they are hard on them. good luck
  22. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    think you mean patch panels? i have yet to see anything for that. and get a hard dash cover. they are still cheap and look really good. just put down some good RTV or the sun will warp it. but if you keep a sun visor for the windshield that will make the cover last a lifetime.
  23. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    welcome to the odd ball s130 club. thats exactly what my car started as (exterior and interior)..if your on a budget, spend your money wisely. these are hard cars to do on the cheap. stay away from showcars.com for any fiberglass parts. those wheels are 14x6 with 0-offset. the only things your gonna get to replace them cheap is some standard steel wheels. id start with getting it running first. atleast at that point you could get more money for it if you decide to sell it. not a quick car for todays standards but they are very fun cars to drive. and as you have been informed, almost nothing on them relates to a 240,260,or even a 280z. they dont look so cool with the bumpers off like the older ones do. but hey everyone has a taste. enjoy whatever you do and good luck with it.
  24. G-Tech

    dec 17 098.jpg

    From the album: 280zx customization