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  1. aarang

    New cam+head looks terrible

    Looks like they stripped the threads in the port and tried sealing it. What do the threads in there look like?
  2. Interested. Do you include a base tune by chance?
  3. aarang

    L28 3.0 Carbs /EFI Questions

    Does he have receipts for all the work so you know what your actually dealing with?
  4. aarang

    High Compression L28 Build Question

    You have Megasquirt and live in the same state as Delta Cams. It would be a waste to use the stock cam. Has the head been ported that you can tell? Again, if it was me with that setup, I would pay the extra $100-$150 for a different cam. You'd probably be nearly at your 200HP mark with a proper tune.
  5. aarang

    Another wheel group buy!

  6. aarang

    280zx wheel hop at the strip.

    Had the same problem with my ZX at the track. First time it happened it felt as though the car was going to split in two. Had to slip the clutch alot to calm the hopping down, but lowering my tire pressures pretty much stopped it in my car. I have poly bushings as well. Interesting, though is my car went 13.2 at 108 with the stock turbo and ECU
  7. Hey guys. I have an F54 with Ross forged pistons that was built about 10 or so years ago and just sits on a stand in the garage. Turbo dish pistons, balanced, studded, etc. I have all the receipts for the build, $1000 just for machine work. Its new, never ran. Have been messing around with Z's for a long time and the prices for stuff nowadays blows my mind, but thats good for us who hoarded parts. What would something like this be worth? $1500? May do an LS swap so thinning the stock. Thanks
  8. For those that may be interested. Not mine but looks decent for the price, enjoy https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/5522783330.html
  9. aarang

    L6 turbo tube header

    Not to thread jack, but wasn't the car in that Touge Factory article the one from the original Senza Pari intake manifold buy? Curious as to why its getting another intake fabricated.
  10. aarang

    Portland Craigslist 280ZX

    For those that may be interested. Not mine, but cheap and its a Slick top manual with black interior https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/5237216889.html enjoy
  11. aarang

    280zx control arms

    Control arms are the same, you need an engine cross memeber for the manual rack and the manual rack itself.
  12. aarang

    82 L28ET lean out top end issue

    Just wondering what ground you found bad and if indeed it is fixed?
  13. aarang

    82 L28ET lean out top end issue

    83 ECU doesnt use external dropping resistors, although that is a good point about the injector drivers overheating. What type of injectors are you using?
  14. aarang

    82 L28ET lean out top end issue

    Lean when cold should point you in the direction of the CHT sensor. Slight resistance changes in that circuit change the fueling pretty dramatically. You stated that the connectors have been changed which is a good start. The wiring in these cars is 30+ years old now and does break down with time. I have taken numerous harnesses apart and seen the horror that lies beneath, and have had temperature related drivability issues that were directly related to the wiring itself. Maybe try running new wires from the CHT to the ECU, or at least check resistance of the wires between the CHT and ECU both cold and hot. There is a resistance/temp range chart in the Service manual that gives the proper values for the CHT signal to the ECU.