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  1. dhp123166

    Fresh Air Elbow,

    I have a nice one but you cannot receive messages... Daniel P.
  2. dhp123166

    WTB - 280Z 77 - Pass Door/window Glass (Clear)

    I sent you a private message 4 days ago.
  3. dhp123166

    240z Rear Beaver Panel

    I can get one. How do you plan to ship? Shipping will be a real bear since that is an oversized item. It is easier to get ahold of me via email; [email protected] Thanks, Daniel P.
  4. dhp123166

    Looking for blinker and headlight switch

    Yeah that's mine dude. You should buy it. Sold the turn signal switch but I have more to restore....
  5. dhp123166

    WTB: 240z Turn Signal Switches

    Bump. I need all 70-78 turn signal switches....
  6. dhp123166

    WTB: 240z Turn Signal Switches

  7. dhp123166

    WTB: 240z Turn Signal Switches

    I need 71-73 240z turn signal switches. Long harness, 5 wire square plug. Thanks.
  8. dhp123166

    New NISSAN N42 crate engine on Houston CL

    Yes, great condition.
  9. dhp123166

    WTB 78 280z turn signal switch

    I have a real beauty on eBAY, and you get a warranty; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-8-76-78-280z-RESTORED-Turn-Signal-Switch-SUPER-QUALITY-/141570142124?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20f63cefac&vxp=mtr Thanks, Daniel P.
  10. dhp123166

    WTB: 280Z bumper ends

    Aftermarket reproductions were NEVER made for 77-78 280z bumper ends. Nor were they made for 74-76 260z / 280z bumper ends. This is why they are so expensive. I have used intact ones if you are interested.
  11. dhp123166

    Wtb. 280z right side taillight surround

    Got it. Thanks. I will send tracking to your email address when this ships today.
  12. dhp123166

    Wtb. 280z right side taillight surround

    My Paypal address is [email protected] Thanks, Daniel P.
  13. dhp123166

    Wtb. 280z right side taillight surround

    Here you go. Needs paint, no cracks. $39.00 shipped...
  14. I am datsuniverse