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  1. I have a nice one but you cannot receive messages... Daniel P.
  2. I can get one. How do you plan to ship? Shipping will be a real bear since that is an oversized item. It is easier to get ahold of me via email; dhp123166@yahoo.com Thanks, Daniel P.
  3. Yeah that's mine dude. You should buy it. Sold the turn signal switch but I have more to restore....
  4. Bump. I need all 70-78 turn signal switches....
  5. I need 71-73 240z turn signal switches. Long harness, 5 wire square plug. Thanks.
  6. I have a real beauty on eBAY, and you get a warranty; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-8-76-78-280z-RESTORED-Turn-Signal-Switch-SUPER-QUALITY-/141570142124?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20f63cefac&vxp=mtr Thanks, Daniel P.
  7. Aftermarket reproductions were NEVER made for 77-78 280z bumper ends. Nor were they made for 74-76 260z / 280z bumper ends. This is why they are so expensive. I have used intact ones if you are interested.
  8. Got it. Thanks. I will send tracking to your email address when this ships today.
  9. My Paypal address is dhp123166@yahoo.com Thanks, Daniel P.
  10. Here you go. Needs paint, no cracks. $39.00 shipped...
  11. I am datsuniverse

  12. I do not sell parts on Hybridz.

  13. I hope you are as good at restoring this vehicle as you are at selling parts!
  14. I can't beat the price but I can beat shipping from Canadia (sic.)
  15. HybridZ sez you cannot use the messaging system; I am looking at the one on the crank of my parting out daily driven 280z. The engine and crank are still on the car. How do you remove it? Thanks, Daniel P.
  16. My understanding of 70-71 sliding seat rails is that they were a dealer add-on (at least the right side was in the US) hence they are rare, hence the price. Good luck...
  17. Link to eBAY auction of 240z sliding seat rails
  18. I pulled this from a 12/80 Turbo 280zx. It has no plug (like an '83) and no wire coming out ( like the earlier ones I have seen). Am I missing something, is this correct? Thanks...
  19. I have a really nice and clean one on eBAY. My i.d. over there is; datsunation
  20. Here you go. There is little no "border creep" but there is a slight haze to the mirror surface which can be seen in direct light. The casing has been painted to stabilize the plastic. Metal base, plastic base and all mounting hardware included. $29.00 + $6.50 Priority Mail shipping ($35.50 total) Paypal payable to dhp123166@yahoo.com Thanks...
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