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  1. Donation not showing up.

    Sorry about that. Fixed
  2. Page link navigation locks up the thread.

    I opened a support ticket for this issue. Thanks!
  3. Where's my Photo Gallery?

    You dont see this in your profile?
  4. Test Post #22319A9

  5. HybridZ server move and upgrade.

    All the background rebuild tasks are complete. There is an outstanding issue with the Garage app that I need the developer to fix but everything else should be working. If you are having any issues please open a thread in the Site Support forum. Thanks!
  6. I have been testing the new server and forum software upgrade for a few weeks now and things have gone much better than I expected.. The move will start this coming Thursday morning 08-31-2017 and is expected to take about 6 hours to complete. The site will be inaccessible during the move and upgrade When the site becomes accessible again there are background rebuild process that will being running over the next few days to finalize the upgrade. Expect to see little glitches here and there during this time. Things like images disappearing, text formatting looking funny, search not working etc. Once these processes are complete I will post a note about it a create a support thread so any issues you guys have can posted. Know Your Password Make darn sure you know what your password is for your account and that your email address is up to date. DO THIS NOW!!! We cannot stress this enough. You may be required to login to the new forum once the site is back up. We know most of you stay permanently logged into the site and may have forgotten your password so you need to take care of that now.* Make Sure Your eMail Account is Current Make sure your email is up to date. This is the only way the system and the admins can communicate with you. Its the ONLY way password resets can be performed. Make sure your spam filter is not blocking emails from hybridz.org. This is very important because sending the admins requests to reset your password will most likely end up in the trash for security reasons. This is especially true if you send an email to an admin from an email account that is different than the one listed in your account profile. *Note about Facebook Login Recently there has been an issue with user trying to use Facebook to login to HybridZ. This issue will be resolved with the new version of the forum software. It was a change to the Facebook API that is not compatible with our current forum software.
  7. Website not loading?

    Oh crap, I forgot to add that binding entry to the server. Should be fixed now.
  8. Website not loading?

    Open a command prompt and type: nslookup hybridz.org What is the returned address? It should be
  9. Yeah, until this is done things might be a little weird?
  10. Can't log in from mobile

    Have not had much luck in figuring out this problem. I am moving the server and reinstalling the forum software this Thursday so that should fix it.
  11. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Due decreasing traffic over the last 3 years, major reduction in Google Adsense payments an limited donations, I may be forced to either shutdown or see if I can find someone who is interested in buying HybridZ. It has gotten to the point that between server fees, software licencing fees, archival/backup fees etc the site is no longer able to sustain it's self. Add to that the fact that the server is now out of space and needs to be upgraded. Also the software is out of date and is no longer supported by IPS so it has to be updated to the new version. If I was in a better financial position I would have no problem being out of pocket but I just can't afford it any longer. It's not going to happen immediately but soon because I need to figure how to repay current donating members etc. I will defiantly let you guys informed as it unfolds. It was a fun run guys, 17 years! Dan
  12. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Testing is all done. I will be moving the site to the new server in the next few days and will be upgrading to the new forum software shortly after that. Will be posting a notice before hand. dan
  13. Can't log in from mobile

    Ill take a look at it today. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Multiple PMs About Expired Donation

    Ok, just applied a software update that will hopefully fix this. Please let me know if anyone is still getting multiple emails from the donation app. dan
  15. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy helping my dad who just had knee replacement surgery. Anyways, just want to thank everyone who donated to keep things going. I have gotten offers to to take over management of the forums but at this point I do not see a need now that the financial issues have been resolved. Iv'e been working on the the test server I setup to do the software upgrade and have been getting our new server configured. I'm getting close to the point of having to make a decision on how to proceed. Option 1 is to move the site as is to the new server then upgrade the forum software later. This was the option I initially choose but there is a problem that if something goes wrong then I may need to pay IPS to help fix it. Option 2 is upgrade the software first then move to the new server. Choices, choices...
  16. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I forgot to put that in the original post. If it came down to shutting it down I would have found a place on the internet to store a read-only copy of the data for everyone to still get access to. Because yeah, all that data being lost would suck for the Z community.
  17. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, stupid internet went out yesterday LOL. Server purchased. Software licences all paid up. Working a test conversion for the site. Ill keep you guys posted. Thanks much! dan
  18. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Well, ok then So, looks like we are in the black for a while now. So I pledge to you fine folks: Procure our new server today and update all or software licences. Then I will start moving our site to it's new home, hopefully next week. After the dust settles (a week or 2 later) I will upgrade the forum software to the new (supported) version. That will take care of the bugs we have now days like the donation email spamming. This was quite uplifting for me to be honest, I really did think there was a lack of interest now days in HybridZ but you guys definitely showed me the light! Thank you for your support, dan
  19. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Im a little embarrassed to be honest. I really thought that the site was no longer of interest to most Z guys because of the lack of traffic that we get, guess I was wrong (not the first time). Good ideas, most of the storage problems can be solved by just moving the site to a new server. This server is old and for the same price we can get 5 times the storage, 4 times the CPU and memory, blah blah blah. Also getting the site software up to the current version will help immensely. Like fixing the donation email spamming. We are on software that is no longer supported so to get help from them it costs a lot of money unless we are on the current version.
  20. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Wow guys thanks! 5-7 Years ago the site made plenty of money using google ads to cover the expenses and we did not even do donations during that time. Then we started getting scamers show up in the for sale section decided to to require a donation to post to weed them out and it worked. I even donated the donation money we got each year to a couple of charities and a local homeless shelter. Over that past 3 years that has changed a lot and it was requiring donation money to help with the expenses. Specifically the google ads has gone WAY down, this is not just a HybridZ problem but ALL advertising sites have been hit. Ad blockers have really done some serious damage here LOL Another thing to note is that HybirdZ is not a business and I have to pay income taxes on the money that comes in and there is not a lot to write off each year.
  21. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Per month costs. $80 for server $39 for full backups Yearly Costs. $570 For IPS software, Addon software, domain registration etc. That's the majority of it I think.
  22. Multiple PMs About Expired Donation

    Yeah its messed up. Im going to look at it later today.
  23. Site redirecting links to VIGLINK

    Uggg.. stupid computer stuff. This should have been fixed, trying to figure it now.
  24. Site redirecting links to VIGLINK

    Yeah, it's not supposed to do that. I found a setting that should not have been on and turned it off. Might take a little while to take effect. True. Thank you. Even if you don't click on the links it still helps. It's the number of impressions per day that matters. Since people have started using ad block our number of impressions has fallen over 50% and revenue per click is down to about %20 of what it was years ago. This has been an issue for EVERY website owner with google ads. Just an FYI, I will be upgrading the forum software early next year and it will require that you turn off adblock to access it.