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  1. Let me start by saying I'm not a car guy by trade or a Ferrari devotee by any means. I was just looking for cool project car to putter around with. I had wanted a Cobra ever since seeing the movie 'Gumball Rally' when I was 18. But the needs of my young family, and the cost of a kit thwarted me until a couple years ago. I settled on the Velo Rossa kit from John Washington at Reaction Research because of the low initial cost. I have found John to be nothing but helpful since the day I first inquired about this project. I purchased the install manual three years ago, but didn't purchase my kit until April 2008. I purchased a non-running 260z donor for $350, and spent a year getting it ready for the kit. I sold off all the parts I don't need. I actually made a profit of $25. If I hadn't had to replace the rusted floorpans ($270) I would have started way ahead. I picked up my body kit from John at the Knotts Berry Farm Kit Car show last year. No crating cost, no delivery fee, just gas for my pickup truck, from Northern Cal and back. $4500 total. I've spent the last year fitting panels, cutting and sanding... fixing my mistakes... and then redoing it the correct way. My plan is to do the basic bodywork myself and get the car into primer. Then install all the exterior lights. Then I'll move on to drive train (SB Chevy using JTR conversion), suspension and interior. Once it's a driver, I'll strip it down and send it out for paint. To date I have around $5700 invested in the project. I'm estimating at least another $5000 before wheels and paint, but that will be spread out over the next couple years at my current rate, so it won't hurt too much. Here are a couple pics of the donor 260Z.
  2. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Glad to see you’re back at it , Nathan. It is amazing how a simple thing like a broken stud can cause so much anguish. And I certainly understand how moving can interrupt a good build. It’s been almost four years since our move with no progress on the VR. Waiting for some dry weather so I can start framing the shop. Are you still local?
  3. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Lumber arrived last Friday. Now if it would just stop raining long enough for me to do some framing.
  4. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    I though I was being flippant with that last remark. As it turned out only one of the concrete contractors, that had previously bid the project, even bothered to respond with their availability. One out of eight! I am however, very pleased with who I ended up using. Instead of questioning the over engineered nature of my plans (like most of the others did), he and his two sons simply built a massively strong foundation. Waiting now for our nephew, who's a general contractor, to create a materials list from my plans, so I can price the lumber.
  5. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Picked up permits yesterday !!!!YeeeHaaww!!!! Now to see if any of the contractors I've previously contacted are available to do the work.
  6. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    This would save a lot of time... but at nine times the cost of my current plan, it's too rich for my blood. This guy covers even more options for EPS units which do not require a third party wiring harness. However, the other donor vehicles are too new for me to find at my local Pick N Pull. I don't know how much other wreckers might charge for these units. https://youtu.be/f4TYQ_KJSpc
  7. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Wow! Thanks for the link. Save me a ton of time in R&D.
  8. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Well it's been six months and the county still hasn't approved my shop project. The plans sailed through five different departments with minor revisions. Then in January, the planning dept. decided that I need a grading permit for the building pad that already exists. That required a civil engineer to draw up a storm water drainage plan, a grading plan and a geotechnical report. They also advised that my neighbors parking area (which is 300 feet from the proposed building and was constructed by the builders of both houses) encroached on my property and I would need to apply for a change to the property line or rip out the paved and fenced improvements. I was advised, by my architect, that a geotechnical report alone usually runs about $4000. Lucky for me, I was able to get a copy of the report used for the homes' construction from the builder... for nothing. And my neighbor provided me with a copy of the easement granted for the parking area. The grading and drainage plans came to a total of $3500. Everything was submitted two months ago and all the permits have been approved. But planning still has my project marked as "revisions needed." Waiting to find out why. Sucks!!!! Now... a little about the car. The steering is stock Z... and manual. I've been looking for an inexpensive way to convert to power steering... and I think I've found it. The electric power steering from an '05-'07 Saturn Vue or Chevy Equinox. I stumbled over this video last night. https://youtu.be/uKzCaEjvJeM I was so intrigued, I pulled a unit today at my local Pick N Pull. Unlike the Cobra in the video, I don't have any room in the engine compartment, so I'll mount it under dash. I'm planning on a custom interior, so I'll remove the original Z dash, get the unit mounted and adjusted, then build a one off dash around it. Probably get it all done before the shop project finally gets approved.
  9. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Beautiful location.... reminds me of the NorCal coastline near Monterey. Does the earths magnetic field automaticlly flip camera images down under? Because, it looks to me like you're driving on the wrong side of the road. (Tried to post this text in the above post, but only the quote uploaded. Where are those 14 yr olds when I need them??)
  10. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Wow... that's a great barn find.
  11. 250GTO Replica on eBay

    Beautiful car Lee. I can only hope that my roadster will look so good one day.
  12. 250GTO Replica on eBay

    Pretty rough for $10k, in my opinion. However, unmounted body kits are starting around $6500 to these days. Sooooo, I guess $10k isn't out of the question. I certainly wouldn't exceed that, though.
  13. 250GTO Replica on eBay

    Hi Lee, Glad to see some pics posted. Unfortunately, all I can see are the small thumbnails. When I click an image, all I get is a white square and a spinning icon... but it could just be my internet. It's extremely slow out here in the boonies. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me? Did you solve your email address issue. The link provided two posts above should take you directly to the right page. If for some reason it doesn't, scroll to the top of this page and click on your screen name. The drop down menu will have My Settings listed.
  14. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Email addresses and passwords can be changed in "My Settings".
  15. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Holy Cow!!! Has it really been over four months since my last post? Where did all that time go? Well anyway, the bonnet is back on, but is going to need a lot of adjusting to fit perfectly. I've been driving her quite a bit this summer which has exposed a lot of mechanical flaws. Most of the squeaks, rattles and vibrations can be eliminated by replacing worn weather stripping and bushings. But there is a major "clunk" in the driveline at the start of acceleration. Could be U-joints, but more likely differential. As I have no good place to work on her right now, the VR will settle in for a long winters nap under her RV cover. I'll be submitting the garage/shop plans to the county this week. Hoping to get the foundation poured this winter and start framing in the spring. Mean while, I spotted this Bentley "replica" on eBay. Can you spot the subtle differences between this "kit" and the real thing? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replica-Kit-Makes-made-to-look-like-a-bentley-made-to-look-like-a-bentley/162217934963?_trksid=p2050601.c100085.m2372&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D37338%26meid%3D543e6f6748f14e38b7547632ec031d1c%26pid%3D100085%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D142132532648%26clkid%3D8638131730443910262&_qi=RTM2247626
  16. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Your entire build is spectacular, but I think your devotion to faithfully recreate the original GTO design is what is most impressive to me. To create doors from scratch, conveys a grand commitment, all by itself. ( Insert favorite "I should be committed" joke here.) Again...Well done.
  17. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    With a little nudge from down under (thanks BFO), I spent today pulling the VR out of storage, charging the battery and repairing the broken front bonnet hinge with my son. I little grinding, welding and painting and she's good as new. I will attempt to refit the bonnet tomorrow and she'll be road worthy again. Repairing the fiberglass nose damage is next. Waiting on the engineering plans for the her permanent home. Once they're done, I can submit them, along with the architectural drawings, to the county building department for approval
  18. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Oh yeah...just what I needed. Spent today pulling the VR out of storage, charging the battery and repairing the broken front bonnet hinge with my son. I little grinding, welding and painting and she's good as new. I will attempt to refit the bonnet tomorrow and she'll be road worthy again. Repairing the fiberglass nose damage is next. Thanks for the inspiration Peter!
  19. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Well done sir. I especially like the engine cover. Very nice. I know it's been such a labor of love, can we get more pics .... please? I need a little inspiration to get my project moving again.
  20. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Thanks tamo3. The pool comes in handy on those summer days when temps out here hit 110.
  21. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Time for an update. Unfortunately there is no progress to report. Only regression. A couple of months ago my son was showing the VR to a friend. When he fired her up for a little drive, we spotted a fuel leak near the carb. We quickly shut her down and fixed the problem. My son then leaned in and turned the key while standing outside the drivers door. The VR immediately started.... while in gear!!!... and drove about six feet... directly under the rear of my daughter-in-laws Mazda 6... before stalling out. The back of the Mazda now rested on the bonnet of the VR approximately three feet in the air. After jacking the Mazda up about three inches we were able to push the VR out from underneath. The damage is mostly cosmetic. I'll have to redo all the fiberglass work I did to extend the scoops and do a little reinforcing. The only functional damage was to the bonnet hinge bracket. The upper bolt "ears" snapped off under the weight of the Mazda. A simple fix with a little welding. I only wish I would have had the presence of mind to take a photo while the Mazda was resting on the hood. It was quite comical. And it was a good thing the Mazda was in the way. Without it the VR would have driven off our paved parking pad and dropped 30 feet to the gully below, al a 'Ferris Buellers Day Off'. For now, the VR waits out the rainy season (long overdue here) under a temporary RV cover. Hoping to start construction on a permanent home for her this spring.
  22. Vacaville Velo Rossa

    It's been six months since my last post and not much has changed with the VR. I still have the electrical issue, so none of the gauges or turn signals are operational. I did manage to get her down to the local muffler shop this week and replace what was left of the muffler. She sounds much better and I'm hoping to get some use out of her this summer. I'm gonna try to get the signals and a couple of gauges working by next week, but since I'll be replacing all of that stuff eventually, it's not high on the priority list. So what have I been doing these past months??? Here are a couple of before and after pics. To the far right of the last image, my new tractor sits on the pad that will eventually be home to my shop. If I'm lucky, by this time next year I'll be finishing the VR in the comfort of that shop.
  23. 250 GTO Owners Thread

    Found these two at a local consignment dealer. http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11090 http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11089 Both would make nice daily drivers or weekend drivers, but IMHO, the owner has them priced like show cars. Too many flaws to list. The Velo Rossa's bonnet fits worse than mine. I hope he gets what he's asking for them. A rising tide lifts all boats.