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  1. That's not a bad price at all, was expecting much higher. I'll have this one day!
  2. Turbo-six

    T4 turbo on the stock manifold

    I have been planning to do something g similar with my car and a t4 turbo. Thanks for posting.
  3. Turbo-six

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Wow this thread delivers! I'll be referring back to this thread as i progress with my Z. Where in Florida are you?
  4. Turbo-six

    What turbo size should I use?

    I'll be giving the on3 gt35 a try here soon. I think my current turbo is giving up the ghost, lots of blow by and the internal Wastegate has a hard timing taming the boost.
  5. Turbo-six

    Trouble setting timing after blown head gasket

    Thank you for the response. I'm testing compression with a gauge in the spark plug hole while turning over with the starter. I verified that valves are fine and put it back together after putting the crank and cam back where they need to be in relation to one another. I recheck compression at this point and it reads a solid 135 across all cylinders but #2 which is around 75psi. that's the cylinder that pushed out the head gasket. The cylinder wall and piston both visually look fine, still showing crosshatching. I also stripped the threads in the block of one of the head bolts, I had to step away from it at that point lol. So much for being ready for cars and coffee this weekend.
  6. Hey guys, I've searched extensively on this top is but haven't been able to find the info I am looking for. I have a 78 280 with an l28et from an 83zx, running a distributorless ignition and megasquirt controlling it with a crank pos. Sensor etc. P90a head and f54 block. I took it apart and my wood wedge failed, allowing the tensioner to pop out so I had to rear down the front of the motor. I reset the cam/crank gears but messed up along the way, when #1 cylinder is at TDC (viewed through plug hole) the front cam lobes are never pointing up. I did try to start it before realizing, wouldn't start of course and turned over like it had no compression. I confirmed all cylinders have no compression with my tester. I pulled the head and expected to see bent valves but the valves appear to be seated properly and the valves and pistons show no markings where they would have made contact. My question is, with the dished pistons on this motor is it even possible for the valves to hit the pistons in this situation? Would the cam being out of sync with the crank cause it to have no compression on all cylinders? Maybe this is because of collapsed lifters? I would think it would still build compression with collapsed lifters though. I'm hoping I can just sync up the cam and crank correctly and put it back together. Thanks for any guidance.
  7. Turbo-six

    Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    Can you pm me pricing for the 1 piece spoiler shipped to 33713?
  8. Turbo-six

    Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    Got any 1 piece spoilers available?
  9. Turbo-six

    Just new here

    I was at the Quaker steak car show a few weeks back and I thought I saw a datsun pickup that looked pro street driving through the parking lot. Other than my own car that's it.
  10. Turbo-six

    Just new here

    Floridian here too, st. Petersburg. I bought a 280z about a month ago. Haven't seen a single datsun on the road in this area in a very Long time!