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Finished building a rotisserie today

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Well, my friend Mat and I designed/cut it and Mat did all the welding since I don't trust my welding skills to save my life. It's about 95% complete and once I get it home I'll put finishing touches on it, like mounting holes and a cross brace that'll run alongside the radiator support to box the front end in. Total cost was $70 worth of engine stands, probably $100 worth of steel and bits, and $40 or so in casters (maybe more. Mat had them lying around and gave them to me). Measurements and design was borrowed from jrmortensen. Only took me 5 years to get around to building it.


I'll probably post an update once the car's actually up in the air (in another 5 years!)


Oh, and the 914 in the back is receiving a subaru wrx turbo motor

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Love it! I bought an expensive pre made rotisserie after an exhausting search for a used one came up with nothing. It worked great and got lucky by trading it for a predetermined amout of professional welding/fab work after I was finished with it. If I was to ever have a need again, I would follow your build. Please show progress with the 914 build, I am a huge fan and wish I had the funds/space/time to build that along with my Z.

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Looks good. Once you have it up, tieing the front and back together makes it feel a lot sturdier when moving it around. Even a simple doug fir 2x4 bolted to the bottom tube would be fine.


Speaking of getting the car up in the air, do you have a plan for that yet? When I did mine, I used an engine hoist in the front (which worked great) and come alongs in the back (which was kinda sketchy). I think I'm gonna find someone to loan me another engine hoist, so I can just use one on each end.  

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Agreed on tie-in! Planning on doing just that, Mat and I discussed it during the build.


JoeK: I am in the same boat as you with the hoist situation. I want to use 2 hoists on the car. Since you're local, I can loan you my hoist (and help you with it) so you have 2 to get the car off/on, and I can use yours to get mine up in the air. Downside is that I don't have a truck, but if you do, this can be simplified quickly. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.


Regarding the 914, 


He picked up a bare shell for almost nothing. No bodywork, engine, etc. Just a box of suspension parts and rust. Cage and floor pans are welded in for the most part, he's working on suspension and engine mounts now,  It's receiving a Subaru wrx motor that you can see in front of the car in one of the pics








He and his brother also swapped an STI motor into a 912. The full build thread is here:





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Huge thanks for JoeK, he came down with his hoist and we got the car up:




Now i'm taking a breather from pulling the rest of the stuff off it. Still need to get a piece to tie the lower portion together as mentioned earlier by Joe and belated johnc

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I think it is time get serious and build one of these. Currently my Z has metal square tube instead of bumpers resting on top of a ghetto jig/ $10 Weider bench press and  biggest jack stands we have.


My dad demands I rotate it, to weld in support rails to the new floor.


It looks simple enough and for around $300 It will be a great investment.

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