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Addressing firewall flex

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Evlevo    0

Not for firewall flex. For strut tower movement. Anything attached to the strut tower (such as a device to arrest master cylinder movement) will also move.



That's exactly what i was getting at. If your towers are flapping in the wind, so would anything attached to them. Locking down any chassis flex would fix this issue.

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grannyknot    11

Guys, while I'm sure a full, welded in roll cage/sub structure will stiffen the car, I'm just trying to find a firmer bake pedal.

By backing up the firewall with support from the shock tower I'm pretty sure that will be enough to give a better feel to the brakes.    What this mod is really trying to do is eliminate in a cost and weight effective way one of the many variables when changing the various brake components.

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RebekahsZ    106

Your solution is fine. Most of the time a little firewall flex is tolerable and most folks don't know if their car has any or not. The symptom I was having was insufficient clutch master cylinder stroke (because the firewall was moving away from my foot about 1/4 inch) and my push rod was just barely long enough. My support rods from the firewall to the inner fender fixed my poor disengagement problem. But the real problem was that my clutch push rod was too short. When I lengthened that, the problem of insufficient stroke was REALLY fixed, and I'm pretty sure that my clutch would have disengaged better and the firewall reinforcement might not have been necessary. Be confident in yourself. Lots of folks think that their way is the ONLY way. But whatever works is ok by me, and your car. If one thing doesn't work, keep at it til you win.

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