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Alternate Fuel Line Routing

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I'm in the process of running -6 (3/8") Cunifer hardlines for a new feed and return and was intending to run them in the stock location, but that's going to involve dropping the transmission at a minimum. I'm working alone right now on jack stands, and have a chronically injured wrist, so dropping the trans really doesn't sound like fun. 

Has anyone ran fuel lines somewhere other than the non-stock location? I was considering running them next to the frame rails inside some side of conduit, maybe framing channel. The frame rail would still be the lowest point on the car would, but I'm concerned about road debris getting kicked up and damaging the lines, hence the conduit. Framing channel / Unistrut came to mind so that any moisture could drain out. Rain is the norm in the Pacific Northwest.

My other thought was running them inside the cabin in a solid conduit, but I'm still concerned about shearing at the bulkheads in the event of a serious wreck. I know several OEMs run fuel lines inside the passenger compartment, but my gut is telling me that fuel inside isn't wise. I was browsing tech requirements from several different racing bodies as a guideline and the acceptability seems to be mixed. 

Jeromio did an excellent job running them inside of a new frame rail here:


Any advice?

Metal Framing Channel Unistrut.JPG

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I guess I'm completely overthinking this! I only have 240Zs and haven't worked on the later chassis. That's exactly where I was considering running them, but was concerned about them being exposed to road debris. 

Thats the factory location for 280Zs?

Thanks for sharing such excellent photos!

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My late-model 260Z also had the fuel lines running along the passenger frame rail.  Car was lowered, raced often, and never had an issue with debris damage to the lines.  If you really want to go the extra mile, you could sheath the lines with clear or black hose for extra protection in the most vulnerable areas.

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