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Long story short I have a tig that I've been practicing on for a little bit but cant seem to produce proper coloured welds, curious if anyone have any input.

I'm welding up a SS304 3" round tubing (16ga), using 2% lanthanted electrode with 65 Amps, using a #12 cup with my argon flow set at about 20+/-.  I dont have the tools to purge the inside of the tubing so I'm coating it in Solar Flux "b".

My issue is whenever I weld the stainless it 95% of the time turns a grey color, after I'm done welding I leave the tig torch hovering over the welded area so it stays cover in argon. Is this just to much heat? I've tried lowering the amps but I seem to get the same results. I've attached a picture of one of my welds where I joined 16ga SS tubing welded to SS exhaust flange.



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7 hours ago, Exposed said:

@Geno750 That looks really good, do you find its easier to get good colouring and a good bead on thicker peices? What are your settings and what type of electrode are you using?



I'm using a 3/32 tungsten. I haven't really welded anything really thick yet so I can't say. I'd imagine thicker stuff is easier with the right settings. I think I did that piece at 60 amps

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