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Kindred Philosophy - S30 Owners (+ generational Z family)

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I've always wanted to see a philosophy thread on HybridZ.


It never ceases to amaze me how unique and quirky the Datsun following tends to be... and even more so how much we have in common despite are differences in backgrounds, etc.


There are a lot of generalizations that can be made about people drawn to American muscle cars, German performance and luxury, etc. In my experience Z owners tend to be very smart individuals relative to the general population as well as automotive enthusiast groups. (Clearly we have fine taste.)


This could go a number of philosophical directions, about kindred human passions, the living spirit of Mr. K, the brand of Datsun's emergence after WW2's bombs, the commonality between Z owners.... you could even present an esoteric possibility such as Z owners' souls tend to come from the same quadrant of the galaxy or something about how HybridZ [sometimes] epitomizes focused, collaborative human achievements.


All are of interest to me... but rather than lay my interests and thoughts out, I'd like to ask if others have had any similar observations and have pondered their implications or meaning?

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My attraction to the Z is more instinctual; I've loved the way it looks since I saw a brand-new one in 1973.  I work as an engineer and I have that sort of mind where I appreciate how well the Z does was it was designed to do, and how everyone has a take on how to make it do better, while still keeping it's amazingly simple good looks.

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Posted (edited)

I see it as this,


I had watched Wangan Midnight some years back after buying my first Z on the recommendation of the older guy I had purchased it from, he was a cool dude, probably mid to late 50s, his name was Chip. Anyway, I watched this anime series and thought, okay yeah that’s cool but also kind of corny with the whole “The car chooses its driver” and “the car talks to me” thing, but I noticed that the more I drove my car the more I noticed every little nuance, the more I FELT the the car. It was an amazing feeling. I’ve driven a few cars in the past, I even had a 77 Corolla 4 door that was a lot of fun to drive, but nothing really matched the way a z felt. I started to really think at that time that these cars really do have personalities of their own, and it takes certain people to really appreciate exactly what a z can do, to know how to push it’s limits, and how to really DRIVE it. In my opinion, z cars have unique personalities, and the people who love them have a matching personality. I can’t say that’s the same for other cars. I believe this understanding, whether known or subconscious, is what brings z drivers together. 

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