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Dan Juday

Ron Tyler diff mount installed

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It works great.  Post up some examples of the failing Z31 cases.  Maybe you were actually wrong twice.  Not a dumb idea, many people use them, some for race applications.  Actually, I think that the original impetus and design came from a stock setup that kept breaking.  The design worked so well that it's now common.  


Could be just a herd of dumb people though, following along, not realizing their ignorance.


Well is possible this particular version of the mount is indeed captive in ways the early versions weren't, that diagram above by ES shows that they clearly had tearing issues even mounted in compression when the trans tried to twist... which means people found out the hard way that it was a dumb idea as originally designed, but any experience could have been exacerbated by torn engine mounts too


Looking at the updated cross-section of the mount, I agree with you, it should work just fine, especially if all the other mounts/bushings are replaced

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I did this install about a month ago with an r200.

1st; I ground the center poly down(ground the top of the diff a bit too) to allow the es to mount flat on the diff(no metal exposed). That allowed the diff to be mounted close to the original position.

2nd; I drilled the rt mount to allow all 3 bolts to be utilized. 

3rd. I welded a tab to the rear/bottom of the original cross/member and mounted a single bolt es bumpstop to it. I ground off the bumpstop until it pushes up on the diff a small amount. This may be overkill but it also doesn't hurt anything.


There is no clunk from the diff.

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Folks:  Asking for Pros/Cons of the two installation options for Ron Tyler Diff front mount.  Option 1: With Urethane stop above and and Stock Nissan mount below  Option 2:  With  Energy Suspension top mount.  I have to make a decision, so please lemmee know your thoughts!   (Diff Type is R180)    Thnx!

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Update: I've been emailing Brian, Owner of TechnoVersions.  Here's what he said:


"Folks are happy with either option one or option two.  If it helps make a decision, I was told that the stock lower mount is no longer available, but I haven't confirmed that.  I'm only aware of one failure out of all that have been sold.  It was a crack in the metal bracket that occurred with a high-powered car in a 24-hour endurance race.  Since we learned that, the mount was strengthened in that area, so it should never happen again, even in these extreme conditions."

When I asked about the drive line angles his response was:

As noted on the web page, it's only a 2 degree change.  I've never had a negative comment back from customers about using the top mount with stock engines.  Not to worry!  

Brian's been great to work with and I've ordered the bracket and am going with the Energy Suspension top mount.   Unless you hear otherwise on this thread, assume that I love it.  Jughead


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