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An electrical powered supercharger!?!

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you know... I thought about that a long time ago, and EVERYONE I talked to about it laughed their heads off at me.. :| I think I have to find an old blower motor and start playing now.. Being electric, you could set a switch/reostat to turn it on after a little throttle and gradualy increace with throttle.. (so as not to be blowing into the carbs at idle, but boosting as much as posible near WOT) I'm just running twin SU's, but hey.. if I could get 2-3 psi of 'boost' in there why not?!? :lol:

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Back from the dead. Now you can just buy it. Integrating it with an old L however...




Well that's.. Unique. 


I see the holy grail as an electric axial compressor right in the intact tract. Boost on demand and super easy to retro fit. 

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