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350Z seats installed in my 240Z

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These are 2005 350Z Enthusiast seats I picked up from Mike (mrpratt).


Here is what happened:












The ears off the stock 350Z seats were cut off. The stock 240Z lower seat rails were welded onto a piece of square tubing.




The end result:




























I have to pull them back out and remove the stock 350Z seatbelt receiver and trim the rear bolts a tad so I can get the washers and nut on it. Once the vinyl sills go back in I may have to trim both outer pockets as they are pretty tight already.

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if you don't mind answering, what did you pay for the seats, or better question, what is a good price to offer for a set of those.


how tall are you, and how do you fit in them?


I paid $250 for the seats and $120 to have the brackets made and welded. A much better deal than buying other seats that in some cases for one will cost more than what I have invested in it all!! Not to mention then you have to fab or in my case have someone fab the seat brackets. Plus I like the idea of keeping it Nissan.


I am 6'2" and I fit pretty good (in my garage). If I ever end up having to wear a helmet it might be close and I may have to have the square tubing taken out and replaced with some flat stock to drop it down some.


Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

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Pictures are back in the first post thanks to BRAAP for replacing the code!!


Pics were NLA before because Putfile (now ebaumsworld.com) is gone. According to Wikipedia, Putfile was purchased by a company called ZVUE in 2008. ZVUE also owns a site called ebaumsworld.com. Also according to the Wikipedia article, ZVUE mismanaged Putfile, which may explain why the site went away. It looks like they're redirecting traffic to ebaumsworld.com, no notice and oh my account and pictures are gone. I guess that’s the price we pay for a free account. Now happily up on photobucket.

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Why do you have the plastic seat risers under the seat mounts and double nuts?  Why not just eliminate them?


Looks good otherwise.


EDIT:  Oh geese, 2009 thread sorry.

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That was 9yrs ago so you may not get a reply from the OP,  to take apart the stock sliders you need to knock out the carriage bolts and there is a little tab that needs to be bent up or cut off, there is not much to it once you get it apart.



The way the OP did it, it looks like he added a little more than an inch to the height to the bottom of the seat, you can just weld a bolt to the 350z slider at the front and a thin cross bar at the back and keep the head room.




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I also did a writeup from when I did this. Very simple. Like mentioned above you don't (and probably dont want to) use all of the 350z rails. Just weld to the seat structure directly.


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