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Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

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Bench bled the master




Tomorrow I will check for leaks, and jack the car up in preparation for bleeding the system again.

Then I'll spend a couple days under the car dialing suspension/alignment settings, installing CVs, filling the diff, etc.....

Then If I've made it that far successfully, then we go about plugging the computer in and see what it does.

C'mon brakes...no leaks.

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Posted (edited)

Still chasing brake system leaks......The new master is leaking at the adapters for my OEM metric brake lines.....so I'm going to swap in the 3/16 sae fittings - remake the lines (2x 12" sections) - and reinstall..

Other than that...I've been busy.

CVs are installed.



Differential is filled.


I wrestled with the tail light panels.

"perfect fit" ...yeah....okay.


After some chopping...


I was able to get them mounted. These will work for now, but I'll probably make a set more to my standards.



I confirmed timing, and installed the nice valve cover, coils, and other remaining engine components.



The car fired right up, but is still running very lean, and hunting at idle. Looks just like a vacuum leak.....But, I've taken the intake manifold off a couple times, and believe that it is not a vacuum leak, but instead just insufficient fueling..When I rev the car, the mixture enriches, and will rev very strong and responsive. No hesitation. Only at idle does it hunt......But the serial to usb cable I use to communicate to megasquirt died, and my laptop won't keep a battery charge off of the charger, so I am waiting on some goodies from EFI Analytics - A bluetooth transmitter to transmit automatically to the Shadow Dash app on my tablet. So that's cool. Not as cool as an idling car, but pretty cool nonetheless. It'll be nice not being limited by 2 feet of usb cable.

So once I fix the leak(s) the next step is to test that the driveline works. Currently, I can't get the car in first. I guess I need to investigate the slave cylinder hydraulics.

In other, less car related, news I painted the garage. And remade some Whaler pieces that I broke, stupidly, last summer. Getting all the boats ready for Spring.



My brother and I broke the seat back on our Whaler last season. He went airborne and fell into the seat back, snapping it off at the handle holes....This was on its maiden voyage of last year.

So this has bugged the **** out of me since I restored the console.

The old epoxied piece that got me through last season. I used this as a jig for the router.


I bought a beautiful 10' long solid mahogany plank and used it as the stock for both a seat back, and a replacement (non plywood) bow locker hatch.


No more handle holes. Or as I call it, "fall into proof"


Bow locker replacement. Unique looking grain. I like it.


Chris Craft Mahogany filler stain


And then 6 coats of Epifanes varnish. The first coat is thinned 50% with brushing liquid. The second is thinned 25% and the final coats are thinned at around 10%. The last coat is thinned at 50% once again to really flow nice. Sanded with 220-320 between coats.





still need to tuck those wires...

Next: the whole boat needs a buff, and Ptef treatment. Then she is getting launched. Not too shabby for being 47 years old. Gotta love a classic.

Also, I was given a drone! So look forward to seeing some drone stuff. This will make my sailing and car videos much better.


The following video is garbage, literally my first flight, in whatever lighting was available. Mainly a test of the gimbal, which works really well.  I've learned so much since this. Very fun!

so stay tuned for that! Edited by OldAndyAndTheSea

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