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Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

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Knew what it was as soon as I saw the thumbnail. Congrats! I have an '88 IS coupe, and if I were to get another it'd be a sedan. I just hope you have better luck with yours than I did with mine. First motor was in bad shape when I got it, had a rough idle and burned a bunch of oil, ultimately it spun a bearing. Swapped in another motor, all new gaskets and seals, and it STILL idles badly, and is now making the same rod-knocking sound that it made before.


Check out r3vlimited.com if you haven't yet - probably the best E30 forum out there.


Thanks! I'm really happy with the car. It's nice having a solid bare bones car, not some rotten thing that hardly justifies routine maintenance work. Its nice having something worth dumping money into.


Instead of diving right into my blinker issue, and potentially getting frustrated..... I figured I would do a couple of the smaller tasks, just so I can make some forward progress.


So last night I finally got my fuel tank pre pump plumbing installed. Super tidy. Sooo much better than the Rube Goldberg setup I had before. Definitely worth the effort.


Overkill and clean; just how I like it.









Today I'm going to work on the CV axles. They need to be disassembled, powdercoated, and reassembled with fresh grease and boots.


Gotta keep crossing things off the list....

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Like the setup. Tooquick and I are doing the same thing.


We have all parts collected just need to take time to do the update! Well between my boat work and his work that is.


He is planning to go road race tomorrow in Macon GA! First time out since the rod bearing issue at Znationals 2015.

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Hey, remember me? ....I know it has been some time.

My summer has been a whirlwind, and I am finally only now regaining control of my schedule.

This was probably the busiest I have ever been in a summer. From composites gigs, to coaching and racing, it's been crazy.

Some random shots.

Rescuing an Opti.


Taking kids sailing on a J30



Modern 8 Metre goodness.




Classic 8 Metre goodness.




And teaching the race team sailing students how to foil on the moth. This was very rewarding.


Now that the sailing season is coming to a close, I've finally started to turn my attention back to the car (I know, I know, where have you heard that before?).

I've puttered in the last couple of months, nothing of note, but made small bits of progress when I could.

I've also misplaced my damn multimeter, so until I find that, the blinkers will have to wait some more.....ugh.

Added some more carbon...although I purchased this from a competitor, mainly as an experiment to compare quality/fit/finish etc....

It's polyester, it's heavy, it's been sanded and cleared to the edge of its life, and the fit is moderate......all of that said, it ends up being 3 parts I didn't have to build tools for, so that's worth the 300 bucks to me.

These pieces will work, but it does irk me a bit that they wouldn't have thought to orient the twill in the same direction on the center panel, as on the outer panels... Although it is not an issue as it is entirely covered by the license plate, so that's just me nit picking a bit.

Sneak peak.


So yeah. Expect more from me, and this thread on a more frequent basis. Summer is dwindling, it's time to get the hell to work....damn slacker...

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andy, a quick question.  qhich wiring set up did you use for you megasquirt?  did you follow the moby the van/DIYautotune model (https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/install/nissan-datsun/megasquirt-your-280zx-turbo/ ) or another source?  


I've been having a lot of issues with my set up andI'm just gathering as much info as possible..



and it's nice to think we'll hear more about your car!



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^^ Any and all of your questions can be answered by the master, Kurk (fricfrac). This is his handiwork, I highly recommend his service.




Andy, I believe [referring to the rear trim panels] that is what's called "lack of attention to detail"...

Yup. If you want something done right (to your liking), do it yourself.

These cars have taught me that. :D




I got stuck doing some maintenance to the BMW last night... Somehow I locked myself out..keys inside, remote location. Luckily I was able to break in using a Bondo spreader, a couple feet of brake line, and a door stop. That's good, cause that's literally all that was available. :D

Also to the guy on the internet who said it is way easier to tie a slip knot and loop it around the lock knob - you can go **** yourself, Buddy. I spent an hour trying that stupid technique, cause "you'll damage seals with a slim jim". That failed. 45 seconds with the ol' brake line technique, I was in. I should have just gone with my proven method from the start, but I thought I would be smart and listen to the internets first..... Doh!



..so I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped, but I at least installed the new blow off valve, and can take that off the list.

Freakin' dust man......killin' me.


I'm planning to black-ify the outlet, and any other contrasting blue to the blue of the engine. I'm still unsure how I will do this, I may powdercoat the outlet (maaybe, if the powder doesn't build to influence flow) and have even entertained the idea of some black nail polish. But needless to say, that will become much more subtle as time goes on.


It's raining today, so I'll be garaging it all day. Not sure what my direction is going to be. Hopefully my friend brings over his multimeter, and I'll try to diagnose blinkers.

Time will tell.

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So in order to figure out what the hell else needs to be done, I made a list. Now I have some direction. If I get bogged down on one aspect, I'll take a look at the list and tackle something else until nothing else remains.


My friend brought over his multimeter, so I got around to testing the switch.

Here is a list of the acceptable range


...and here I am testing between pins 2 and 3, in the neutral position, which should give a reading of greater than one ohm. So that one is off, as were the following other tests. So unless I did something totally wrong in testing, I think my switch is bad.


But, I'm also skeptical, because it was the result I wanted, as I honestly have no idea where else the problem could lie at this point.

So I just bought a restored, tested, switch. Hoping to get that by the weekend, then I will really know what the next step is. Will it be:

Dash install?


Douse in gasoline and see how hot she'll burn?

Until then, I'll keep whittling away at the list. Oh the list.

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Switch didn't arrive today, as hoped, so I did some other stuff instead..

Finally bled my brakes. Everything appears to be holding pressure. They work great!



I also solved another random challenge on the list. Since I deleted two of the heater vents in the dash, I need to cap off the no longer used openings in the blower,

Seen here. Note: the middle, rectangular, opening is still used for the center vent in the dash.


After measuring, and inquiring as to where to procure a cap that is about 59.30mm OD, I got nowhere pretty fast.

A couple brews, and some investigating, later.....

:lol: :lol: :lol:



Turns out the cap to a specific type of spray paint is basically interference fit. Like, I honestly couldn't find something to fit this more perfectly. It's freaking hilarious. No reason why this won't work.


So yeah...I made a little progress.

Brakes working is a big deal. Now my rolling chassis can stop..

...that is... when it rolls.

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So I did some suspension stuff.. As fate (or Murphy) would have it, the blinker switch I bought was returned to sender only an hour away from my house. So while I wait for the switch to cross the country for the second time I decided to work on the list.

I did originally order the wrong tie rod end for the passenger side, so I got that replacement, powdercoated it, then proceeded to do a really really rough preliminary suspension set up, to get a baseline.


This is also the first time the car has been outside in three years. She's freakin' dirty, the alignment is comical, and there's white paint spattered on the rear driver's tire..... but I think she's purdy. Lots of potential.

I need to finish the alignment, and install the sway bar end links now that I've got a rough base setup.

Here are some teasers to show some semblance of a functioning car.









That's enough fun for today. Tomorrow I continue where I left off - sway bar end links, and dreaded bump steer adjustments.

Regardless, it feels great to have a rolling shell again. Real great.

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^^ Thanks. I'd love if I could ever install it....I still can not figure out my blinkers...It's very frustrating.







The moment I rolled the car out of the garage it would seem jobs immediately took up the space (and my time)....and I've been ramming since.

First a carbon jet ski repair.



Then my friend's E30 to get it road worthy again.


Had some rust to repair, and a general once over, as all the sub frame was removed recently for a refresh. Its a 200,000 mile driver.





...but the day before, when we were working on the IX, a truck went completely out of control, at an undetermined speed, and crashed in my yard - causing massive damage - but no one was injured, which is astonishing.


Here's a quick run down of what happened.

 The IX owner, his brother, and I are working on the IX, on the day before it was road ready.

I'm installing a side skirt with the brother, and we hear a noise.... A low rumble off in the distance, but the distance is getting closer; the noise louder.....

I didn't know what to think. At first I thought: thunder...... but it was too long, and soon progressed to sounding like rolling, twisting, metal which turned deafening. I then thought the back roof of my garage collapsed.

The IX owner was the only person to catch the incident visually. When he saw what was happening, a truck was airborne, rolling sideways through the air, at about 30 mph he guessed. IN MY YARD. Not the usual Tuesday. No, Sir.  haha

Hooooly. shiiiit.

I'll paint a picture the best I can.

I live at the top of a hill. The speed limit is 30mph.

Here is where he entered my yard. We are in his oncoming path. You can vaguely make out his tire tracks.

At the corner of my property he hit the curb (where the officer is standing), and completely demolished a 10" ornamental cherry tree (you can see the tree deposited between the two larger trees).

...managed to snake his way between the two serious trees and the house. Unbelievable luck. Despite all I'm about to show.


 RIP buddy. Good plantin' ya.


He took out a small cemented pole that held a birdhouse. RIP bird - sorry for the rude awakening - no kidding, straight merked an unsuspecting starling.  


Bounced off the 60' blue spruce, which gave no mind, and he deposited part of his aluminum wheel, forever, in the tree. Where he lost his wheel? The curb? I know not this information...


...and then proceeded to drive straight over a 8" well casing. Oh man.


This is what I'm guessing sent the truck airborne, and perpendicular, rolling directly through 4 sections of my fence lengthwise.

"Hey buddy, you can't park there."






Driver has a small cut on his finger. A testament to wearing your seatbelt, and modern safety standards I guess. I honestly thought I was a first responder to a dead man. It was a violent crash. He (male: 60ish) doesn't remember anything, but was conscious on scene.

Either way, in order to do what that truck did, it had to have been mooovin'. It would take a lot of energy to do that, hitting all that he hit, uphill no less. My bet is 60-70.

I'm just happy everyone is safe. That could have gone so much worse than it had. The damage sucks, but it's just stuff, and that's what insurance is for. But that said, my cars are regularly parked directly in that path. Had this been any other day.

...Luckily. Safe and sound!  


...so that's complicated life a little bit.

But hey! Look Datsun progress.

Fresh rebuilt axles....Thanks to Eiji at Datsun Spirit. Great customer service.


Also....I'm tired of being cold.


Commence winterization.

....However, this fall has been beautiful. Better than summer, by far. Kind of like the June we never got this year.

So I'm still trying to be out on the water as much as I can, because I know it won't last.


Thanks for bearing with me.

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I've been raging to prepare for winter.... Lots had to be done, and lots has happened since my last update.

First, most importantly, check out my bitchin' Halloween costume. I rather enjoy scaring children. :D ...and this year was bountiful.

But seriously....

I painted my e30.

Aside from the obvious rust repair, I tucked the bumpers, blacked the trim (except key pieces), and paint matched the plastic trim to slightly modernize the appearance. I'm pleased with the result. Looks good for a pre facelift sedan.


Front flaps.



And I'm currently refinishing my extra set of bottlecap wheels, to toss my Nokian studded tires on. I'm hoping to spray those Pepper White tomorrow. I bought that paint to touch up the Mini.


I already used some of it to repaint and refinish a 1950's Huffy bicycle for my Mother's birthday.


I also repainted the Frontier. It had some dents, wear and tear, and a little scale developing along the rocker panels..... and sadly, I pulled the Whaler...


...But I bought a drysuit to continue sailing into the winter!

Here my brother is testing it out in 45 degree water. One of my bucket list items is to sail my harbor all twelve months of the year. So, until the water freezes, I'll be on the lookout, at the ready to sail at a moments notice - with Gopro in hand.


And for those curious as to my latest composites gigs, nothing special - a couple repairs.

Recoring a 26' Chris Craft Scorpion transom. Using devinycell foam, and mahogany in key areas for extra compression strength, where through hull fittings occur.  

And I did some work on this 1968 Lightning in trade for a wood stove for the shop.


New stack.


I'll beautify that later :laugh:


It's a Vermont Castings: Resolute, which if you know anything about the company, they name their models after America's Cup sailboats, so that just adds to the overall coolness factor for me.



Also added a TV, for some guest entertainment. It's becoming quite cozy in here.



Ecofan! These are really cool thermally powered fans.


But most importantly, what are the temperatures?

Anyone who has followed along through a winter with me knows my biggest complaint is a cold shop. At its worst, the garage would literally be only a couple degress above whatever outside ambient temperature is. So I bundled up....and complained.

Now, today we got our first taste of snow. The first real test of the stove.


This was the temperature outside.

And here is the temperature inside.


....And I haven't insulated the ceiling yet. This a great news. I have heat!  Palpable, noticeable, sweet sweet heat!  

This is a big deal. And while despite, as you have noticed by now, once again there seems to be little to no 240 progress, I actually see the garage modifications as actively working to push that project forward. This will make all subsequent work much easier, and the environment much more tolerable....arguably pleasant, actually.

Feels good. No, it feels great.

Stay tuned. I have not disappeared.

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